Publicity: How Industry Influencers Can Promote Your Book

A third-party endorsement of your book, particularly one from an influential person in your respective industry, is a great way to sway potential purchasers to choose your book. Combined with published book reviews, they make a powerful statement to buyers.

Based on our experience, contacting industry influencers is best done by you, as the author. Your name has clout, therefore emails from you are more likely to be opened and read by industry constituents.

Industry influencers can be anyone within your industry that may not write book reviews to be published in journals or magazines, but may be able to write a short review that we can use as a quote about your book on the Elsevier Store and online retailers’ sites.

Many of our authors have had success by sending a short email offering a complimentary copy of their book with a personal note requesting a short, informal review of the book. Adding a thought on why you are requesting it of them will certainly make the offers more likely to be accepted.

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How do we support you?

If an industry influencer accepts the offer, simply forward their acceptance email to our publicity team and we will gladly send a complimentary eBook review copy. If several weeks pass without a response, we suggest you send follow-up emails to remind the influencer that you are awaiting their review. Once you receive feedback, share it with both your editorial and publicity teams.

From there, we take that feedback, select a quote, and upload it into our system in the same manner we would with published book reviews. Influencer quotes will then appear on the Elsevier Store in addition to other online retailers’ sites under the editorial reviews section.

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