Twitter: Make Yourself Discoverable and Become an Influencer in Your Field

In a previous article, we encouraged you to join Twitter and build your profile. Now that you’ve done so, we’re back with some tips to help you get discovered!

Be Active! Tweet Often.

When you first join, send a tweet announcing that you’re new to Twitter and looking forward to getting started. From there, try and tweet 2-3 times per week, and eventually on a daily basis. This will increase the likelihood of your tweets being seen, retweeted, or “favorited”, and will increase your chances of being followed or mentioned by other users.

If you’re not sure what to tweet about, simply share your thoughts or interests. Doing so can lead to conversations with people and audiences you may have never thought you’d connect with, so don’t be shy. Sharing articles or online content that you find interesting is a good place to start; chances are your followers have similar interests.


Share the Love

Twitter uses “social currency,” so if people often retweet, mention, or favorite you or your content, respond in kind when you can. After all, sharing is caring!

Any time someone retweets your messages, all of their followers will see your original post. The same holds true if you mention someone’s Twitter handle by tagging it in one of your tweets. Just make sure you have the correct Twitter handle and begin the tweet with a @handle. In addition, be sure to add a period before it, otherwise not everyone will be able to see it.


Use a Social Media Management System to Ease Your Workload

Management systems like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to schedule your tweets. While this may seem to go against Twitter’s nature of “real-time news,” it works for certain messaging.

For example, it’s always a good idea to preschedule messages about your books, future speaking events, and other items that may not change. Maybe your followers are active during midday, but you find you have a great article to share late at night. SMMS platforms allow you to schedule and send out tweets when the timing for your followers and message is just right.

Just be certain you remember what you’ve scheduled so that your tweets don’t show up during an inopportune time such as a crisis or tragedy. For example, the following tweet was sent out just hours after the Aurora shooting in July of 2012. The lesson learned? Make sure you check your scheduled tweets in case of crisis or tragedy.


Social management systems also allow you to easily track analytics to gauge which tweets are performing well, giving you the information you need to move forward with what works best. Finally, they also help you ramp up your Twitter activity without constantly being shackled to your phone or computer.

Display Your Handle

List your Twitter handle in professional places, such as your email signature, LinkedIn bio, website, and more. The more visibility you get, the more likely people are to follow you. Because Twitter handles are one of the first sources used to research or find out more about a person, product, or brand, having your Twitter handle prominently displayed will make it much easier for interested parties to find you with just a few keystrokes.


You can also join discovery platforms such as wefollow, a website that lists and aggregates prominent people and influencers based on their activity, followers, and the topics/subjects they tweet about.

Build Your Audience

Demonstrate value by providing original, unique, or novel content. In the social media world, content is king!

Have conversations with other users. Ask and answer questions that fit your area of expertise, share tweets from other people, and if you have a tweet that pertains to someone in your network, mention their handle in the tweet.

Use trending topics (#hashtags) to piggyback on conversations so that people searching for those #hashtags will see your tweet(s). Following influencers or users that have, and discuss, similar interests is a great way to plug into the online discussion.


How You Can Leverage Elsevier Marketing Channels and Activities for Greater Reach!

Let the Elsevier Community Marketing Team know who you are! Tweet @seeitbelieveit with your handle and subject of expertise. That way he’ll know to mention it when they promote your book, your blog posts, or any of your events.

You can also follow, interact, and promote within relevant Elsevier Twitter accounts. If you have content (either yours, or related to your field or industry) that you think would be relevant to these communities, mention them by using their @handle and they will automatically see your tweets.


While it may seem daunting to dive into a new social media platform, don’t give up! Because of the viral nature of Twitter, it takes time to get used to the language, best practices, and etiquette. However, over time you’ll find your voice, the right people to follow, and watch your online discoverability improve!

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