Tradeshows & Conferences: A Platform to Promote Your Book

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Each year, we exhibit our books at a number of global tradeshows and conferences. It’s a great way for us to meet face-to-face with authors, reviewers, readers, and customers.  The events we attend are strategically selected, providing a unique platform to promote our books to targeted audiences across a variety of subject areas.

Although we attend many events throughout the year, there are a few key tradeshows and conferences we hope to see you at in 2014:

Key Tradeshows and Conferences for 2014

You can view a full list of global tradeshows and conferences we will be attending in 2014 at

Exhibit Promotions

To drive business prior to a tradeshow/conference, and throughout, we typically employ a variety of marketing activities:

  • Pre-Show Email or Direct Mail Campaigns: Emails or mailers include information on key books, discount codes, and booth details
  • Social Media: Posts via our social media accounts generate buzz and drive traffic to our booth
  • Exhibit Presence: Booths feature the latest books, catalogs, and special promotion flyers
  • Special Exhibit Discount: Conference discount codes are distributed to attendees or non-attendees
  • Conference Email/Mail Lists: Purchased contact lists are provided with event and key book information

Featured here are examples of exhibit promotions including a postcard, banner ad, and email campaign sent to conference attendee lists.  In addition a social media campaign was deployed prior to, during, and after the event.

New Tradeshows Post


How You Can Help

There a number of ways you can assist with the promotion of your book prior to, or during, events that you plan to attend.

Start by contacting your editor to request any of the following marketing materials:

  • A complimentary copy of your book to put on display
  • Flyer with book description copy
  • High resolution image of your book cover
  • Web banner for key exhibits
  • Link to your book on the Elsevier Store

Use these marketing materials in a variety of ways:

  • Include web banner or Elsevier Store link in your email signature
  • Ask any relevant groups, societies, or associations where you are a member to make a brief mention of your event and/or book in their newsletter
  • Email flyers to your contacts prior to, and/or during, events
  • Notify your institution’s librarian, marketing, and public relations departments about your event and/or book
  • Promote your event and/or book on your personal social media sites and blog

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