Textbooks: Timely Marketing Increases Classroom Adoption

As a premier Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publisher, our book collections are beneficial for many settings, including the classroom. We have textbooks suitable for undergraduate, graduate, and upper-level courses.

Textbook Marketing Campaigns

This is an example of a textbook email promotion. The message announces the book and offers a review copy—print or electronic—to qualified instructors.

Textbook marketing is handled differently than other book types, like references or series.  The aim of textbook campaigns is to reach the appropriate instructors with your book information as soon as possible, giving them time to consider adopting textbooks for their classes. This type of textbook marketing campaign begins with an email message that highlights the important features of your book, including:

  • Unique key features
  • Description of any ancillary materials
  • Author information, price, publication date and size
  • How they can request a copy—either in print or electronic formats

Elsevier’s Robust Instructor Database

Over the years, we have built a robust database of instructors across many subjects. We send email textbook marketing campaigns to those who have opted-in to receive such announcements. We also utilize external lists of instructors to augment our lists, thus ensuring we are reaching as many qualified contacts as possible.

As marketing programs evolve, we’re always looking for ways to improve our campaigns to receive the best possible results.

For example, in our most recent globally
targeted textbook campaigns, we employed a new email template (see example above).

We also experiment with different lists, and broaden or narrow criteria to optimize results.

Success is in the Numbers

We’re pleased to report that our Fall 2013 textbook campaigns were a huge success, with qualified requests for review copies up 245% over the previous textbook season.  Most of those requests were for print copies, but requests for eBook copies were also up 70% over Spring campaigns.

Once review copies go out, our sales team follows up to answer questions and further pave the way for adoption decisions. Our latest textbook marketing initiatives garnered a 227% increase in textbook adoptions over Spring campaigns.  These early adoptions can translate into multi-year sales for books that are used in their respective courses.

Elsevier’s Online Textbook Portal

Instructors have a great resource for information on our textbook site, textbooks.elsevier.com. Registration is required on the site, and registered users have increased almost 40% from Spring to Fall 2013.


Once Registered, Users Can:

  • Access exclusive web-based ancillaries
  • Order electronic or print review/inspection copies
  • Register their adoption
  • Contact their Elsevier textbook sales representative

Authoring Textbooks

If you are interested in authoring a textbook, we encourage you to do so with a specific course in mind, thus further ensuring a healthy market for adoption. Keep in mind that our textbooks must have ancillary materials that include, but are not limited to:

  • Course manual
  • Pedagogy
  • Slides for course slides
  • Sample tests

If you would like to inquire about authoring a textbook, please contact your Elsevier book editor by subject area.

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