Textbooks: Reaching Out to Audiences Who Will Adopt Your Textbook

At Elsevier, we have a global reach to higher education institutions, instructors, and students. We use targeted marketing campaigns and a variety of online resources directed at those who will adopt your textbook or recommend your textbook to their colleagues.

We market your book year-round, with our largest campaign launching in September, our most popular season for textbook purchases. We reach your audience through:

  • Email Campaigns: Bi-annual email campaigns to instructors teaching courses for which your textbook is a good match
  • Promotions: Bi-annual campaigns with popular textbook sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Social Media: Building relationships via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ communities
  • Conferences: Promoting your book at key annual conferences where our books are on display or present in “virtual” events

We also offer instructors a one-stop shop to search for course textbooks and related supplements by subject area at textbooks.elsevier.com. All promotional pieces targeting instructors feature information about this textbook site and encourage registration.


Once instructors are approved, they may:

  • Connect with a sales rep assigned to their location or subject area who will encourage textbook adoption to a number of institutions and academic communities
  • Request print, desk, and electronic-exam review/inspection copies
  • Obtain electronic-exam/inspection copies for an initial period of 15-days
  • Access supplements in subject areas, i.e. instructor manuals, test banks, PowerPoint Presentations, and student companion materials

Links to resources for students can be found on our flagship website, store.elsevier.com

How You Can Help Promote Your Textbook

We encourage you to help secure textbook adoptions in academic institutions. Here are a few suggested activities:

  • Fill out the Marketing Author Questionnaire provided by your editorial team: List as many professional contacts and instructors that you believe would be interested in hearing about your book. Our team of qualified sales reps will use these leads to send promotional materials and purchasing information about your book.
  • Include a link to your book in your email signature: On store.elsevier.com you can find your book’s cover image, description, author biography, reviews and more. To promote your book’s link, just add the 13-digit isbn to the end of this URL: www.store.elsevier.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Reach out to your colleagues or community of instructors: Send an email announcing the publication of your book and encourage them to register at textbooks.elsevier.com  so they can review a print or electronic-exam/inspection copy.
  • Promote your book at a conference or speaking engagement: Talk to your editor about offering an event discount or promotion.
  • Engage in online communities: Promote your book through social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Participate in Elsevier’s subject-specific online communities.

Write an article for the SciTech Connect Blog: Distribute the article to your online social communities and personal contacts. Find more information on how to blog for SciTech Connect in the Author Marketing & Sales Guide.

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