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Elsevier is proud to announce our books received four Texty Awards this year. All four awards are listed in the College category from the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA).

1_MostPromising2015 Most Promising New Textbook Award

Forensic Anthropology: Current Methods and Practice by Angi Christensen, Nicholas Passalacqua and Eric Bartelink

2015 Textbook Excellence Award (“Texty”)

Human Reproductive Biology, Fourth Edition by Richard Jones and Kristin Lopez2_Texty

Paleoclimatology: Reconstructing Climates of the Quaternary, Third Edition by Raymond Bradley

Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment, Third Edition by Harold Hemond and Elizabeth Fechner

New ScienceDirect Application

3_tablet_textbooksIn 2015, Elsevier launched a new program where we partner with you to provide institutions with quality authorship, convenience, and value with textbooks on ScienceDirect. Textbooks are seamlessly integrated within the ScienceDirect platform, making titles easy to find and increasing usage as the migration to the digital classrooms grows. Readers will also see related materials, including journal articles,
major reference works, ebooks, and more.

ScienceDirect textbooks provide:

– Multi-user concurrent access at any time, and from any internet location with remote access to ScienceDirect

– Content that’s readable on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

– Integrated book and journal content for convenient access to related materials

– Purchased materials that are available for use by anyone at the institution regardless of class registration

– Full-text online version with the ability to download and print without digital rights management (DRM) restrictions

– Free MARC records to support discoverability and usage

By raising the bar on academic results at institutions and providing easy access to textbooks across six disciplines, students and faculty can access the required and recommended readings they need for their courses.

Ensuring Global Outreach to Instructors
Elsevier’s academic marketing strategy consists of a multi-pronged approach throughout the year, including email marketing campaigns, catalogues distributed to campuses across the globe, social media posts, and continuous sales efforts.

Aligning with the decision times of instructors, Elsevier’s Science and Technology Books division deploys global academic marketing email campaigns twice a year – January/February and September/October. To learn more about our academic marketing campaigns, please read Textbooks: Timely Marketing Increases Classroom Adoption.

Instructors can visit textbooks.elsevier.com to register and access exclusive web-based ancillaries, order electronic review/inspection copies, register the adoption, and contact a sales representative.

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