SciTech Connect Is Quickly Growing in Popularity – Why We Have Elsevier Authors to Thank

SciTech Connect, Elsevier’s Science and Technology blog, approaches its two-year anniversary this July. With over 90k visitors and 100k pageviews a month, we attribute much of its success to the articles our Elsevier authors, like you, have contributed.

Here’s a recap of our five top performing articles to date in 2015, as well as some updates recently made to the site.

Best of 2015: Top 5 Posts by Elsevier Authors

1) How the Brain Feels the Hurt of Heartbreak – by K. Tchalova and N.I. Eisenberger (Psychology)
2) Why Science Needs to Publish Negative Results – by Emma Granqvist (Research/Publishing)
3) Lessons From “The Dress”: Ambiguity of Visual Perception – by Pascal Wallisch (Neuroscience)
4) Top 5 Hacker Tools of 2015 – by Henry Dalziel (Computer Security)
5) Living Comfortably with Hypocrisy and Negative Evidence – by Warren Tryon (Psychology)

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SciTech Connect’s Growing Popularity

4As awareness of SciTech Connect has grown during the last six months, so have the number of posts, viewers, and pageviews. By focusing on engaging, dynamic, and “value-add” content for our 25 communities and fans, we’ve grown exponentially.

As author and Elsevier content is always front and center in our marketing and sales efforts, we’ve seen an explosion of traffic since our migration to the new responsive redesign (discussed below).

Currently, we average around 95,000 visitors and over 120,000 pageviews per month. This means more than 100,000 potential buyers are seeing our content, learning about our authors, and gaining more information about our books, journals, and publications on a monthly basis. That’s more than a million people just in the past 6 months!

Simply put, SciTech Connect is the perfect platform to market yourself, not just your publications. It is an ideal online destination to create a personalized web presence and connect with various community members; both great ways to increase your visibility and stand out as a thought leader and subject matter expert.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Redesign

5Each year, mobile and non-desktop devices account for a larger share of online viewership. This means that our audience is increasingly dependent upon smartphones and tablets to connect with Elsevier and our online communities. Furthermore, our social media communities account for more than 2.1 million total followers – the majority of which use handheld devices to enjoy and engage with our content.

In order to make our content easier to access and read during this mobile shift, we embarked on a complete overhaul and redesign of SciTech Connect, incorporating a responsive, mobile-friendly interface and user experience to make our content more dynamic and digestible on all mainstream devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.). No need to zoom in, out, or worry about clicking on the right link, the mobile-friendly design makes that hassle-free!

Interested in Writing an Article for SciTech Connect? Getting Involved is Easy!

If you’d like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact our Community Marketing Manager, Stephen Fiedler. Begin by checking out this how-to guide on Blogging for SciTech Connect. Happy Blogging!

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