Publishing: Free Author Workshop Videos to Help Navigate the Publishing Process

Have you been wondering whether you should write (another) book? Have colleagues and former students asked you about how they might get a book published? Do you think about the opportunities for print and electronic publishing?

Elsevier is pleased to provide a new series of free ‘author workshop’ videos to help new and experienced authors navigate the publishing process.

First up in the series and available now are: 

Why Write a Book?

How to Get Published


Why Write a Book

In Why Write a Book, Elsevier authors share the reasons that motivated them to write their book. In addition, Elsevier acquisitions editors provide valuable insights on the top motivators for writing (another) book. Other key features in this video include:

1. Ways to get involved in book writing
2. Where publishing might fit into your career
3. How Elsevier can continue to help you realize your goals for book publishing

How to Get Published

In How to Get Published, the publishing decision cycle is discussed, with valuable information on the following topics:

1. The differences between journal and book writing
2. The process for developing a strong book proposal
3. What acquisitions editors and reviewers look for when evaluating a book proposal

You’ll also find discussions on alternatives to full book publishing, like contributing one or more chapters to a text, along with advice on choosing a publisher that is right for your (next) project.


Forthcoming Workshop Videos

Additional videos will be available later in the year and will feature the following topics:

– Permissions
– The Future of the Book
– How to Improve Discoverability of Your Book

How You Can Use These Videos

– View them yourself to gain new perspectives on publishing
– Share them with colleagues and current/former students who have shown an interest in publishing
– Ask us about customizing these modules for workshops or presentations you are planning
– Contact us about publishing topics you’d like to know more about!

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