Publishing: Choosing the Best Format for Your Book

We value your decision to publish with Elsevier and know that selecting a publisher for your work can be a difficult choice. Once you decide to publish with us, our editorial department will work hand in hand with you to figure out what type of book is right for your proposal.

Elsevier publishes a wide range of content options to suit different subject areas, information types, and customer needs. These include: reference books, textbooks, fast-turn content, major reference works (MRWs), serials and handbooks, library and practical manuals, and atlases.

Combined Books

Once you’ve decided on your book type and begin the writing process, you’ll have the confidence that goes with knowing your finished product will receive our full support, thus ensuring your book is globally available and discoverable to all those who need it.

For more information, visit our Book Author’s webpage on, where you’ll find a complete overview of the book publishing process and what to expect.

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