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1PubCamSiteThe researcher role is changing. Researchers today need to secure funding, collaborate, share data, publish results, commercialize research, and have demonstrable impact. Elsevier is committed to supporting you in meeting these new pressures that bring multi-faceted challenges in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

The Elsevier Publishing Campus is a free, open, online training platform for all researchers or training partners in academia. Offering online lectures, interactive training courses, and professional advice from industry experts, Publishing Campus is here to assist you on your way to publishing a world-class journal article or book.

2infoboxesElsevier Publishing Campus Provides:

– Free online lectures
– Interactive training courses
– Expert advice
– Resources to support you in publishing your world-class book or journal article

3certReceive Recognition for Courses Taken
Dedicated training takes time and effort on your part, and we believe successful researchers should be recognized for this. For each interactive training module or online seminar you complete (either archived or live), Elsevier will recognize your efforts with a Certificate of Completion. All of your certificates will be stored in your Campus profile for future reference.

Book Author Resources
More than one million academic journal articles are published each year within the industry, with Elsevier proudly publishing more than 2,000 new book titles annually. As both of these figures are on the rise, it’s increasingly important to find new ways to make your research stand out.

While publishers and editors are there to help, you, as the author, are often best placed to explain why your findings are so important or novel. Here are a few book author focused resources that will help answer vexing questions and get your work discovered:

1. Get you and your research noticed:

– Discoverability: Getting Your Book Into the Hands of Users (online lecture)

2. Hear from authors and Elsevier editors on motivations for writing, and how to get your book published:

– Why Write a Book (online lecture)
– How to Get Published (online lecture)

3. Learn about the ins and outs of securing permissions:

– Demystifying Permissions (online lecture)

4. Find out how journal and book writing fit into your career development:

– Career Planning – publishing career roadmap

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