Publicity: Put Your Book’s Review to Work

So, you just learned your book got a great review…now what? There are several things you, as the author or editor, can do differently than Elsevier, as the publisher.

At Elsevier, our publicity and marketing team has a program in place to leverage all good reviews to your book’s advantage. For example, the publicity team hand selects a quote from each review to include in our marketing feeds to various retailers. This ensures that the review augments the book’s online catalog page, whether on Amazon or our own Elsevier Store site, influencing potential customers and motivating them to purchase.




New books often get multiple reviews; going forward, you should be notified about them through our new Author Connect Book Review Program (example provided to the left). This is the time when you should take a different angle on putting a good review to work. As the author or editor—and an expert in your field—you likely have a great set of contacts within your area of expertise. Use that to your advantage by generating interest in the book via the book review.

When you share a review, always include the publication’s name, issue date, the reviewer name (if available), and your book’s full title along with a link to the Elsevier Store.

BookReview2Here are five great ways to use the review in your professional network:

  1. Notify colleagues via email; be sure to include a short quote along with a link (if available) or a PDF copy of the review. Encourage them to share it as well.
  2. Make sure your organization knows about the great review. Whether corporate or academic, an organization’s marketing department can often use this type of material in newsletters and other communications.
  3. Add the entire review or a quote from the review to your academic or personal webpage.
  4. Update your bio to include your book and a phrase like, “called ‘an essential reference’ by Materials Today.
  5. If you’re on social media, flaunt it! Share it on LinkedIn, add it to your profile, tweet about it, and post it on Facebook to share with your community.

Remember: let the review speak for itself. You do the sharing and it’ll do the heavy lifting.

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