Publicity: How to Get Your Book the Exposure You Want

There are many ways you can play an integral role in the promotion of your book. For example, cross-promotional opportunities with a company, conference, blog, or all three provide great avenues for exposure. Simply let us know when you encounter these types of opportunities, and we’ll work   together to create a coordinated effort that can produce some outstanding results!

Case Study: Collaboration with Dell Software

Take, for example, the coordinated promotion of the recently published, Practical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning Systems for Medicine by Linda Miner, Pat Bolding, Joseph Hilbe, Mitchell Goldstein, Thomas Hill, Robert Nisbet, Nephi Walton, and Gary Miner.

Authors Gary and Linda Miner let us know that Dell Software, the company that acquired Gary’s firm, was interested in promoting the book in some way. After meeting with the authors and representatives from Dell, we developed a coordinated approach based around the Predictive Analytics World conference.

The plan had three integral parts:Publicity1_Redo

1) Elsevier Connect article by Linda Miner

2) Q&A article by Dell on Direct2Dell, the company’s corporate blog

3) Social media promotion to Elsevier and Dell communities

By timing the articles to appear on the same day, and linking them to each other, we were able to gain broader exposure to each article through the thousands of followers of each platform.

Additionally, we decided the articles would be published during the Predictive Analytics World conference that Dell and some of the authors attended. We used the conference hashtag #PAWHealth in our Tweets to spread awareness among the conference attendees following that hashtag.

Publicity2_RedoThe Elsevier Connect article had 3,198 unique page views and the book received a lot of attention on Twitter.

What Can You Do?

This is but one example of the way cross-promotion can enhance the visibility of new books. Here are some things to consider as you formulate an action plan to gain this type of coverage for your book:

-Does your company or university have a blog that would consider doing a post about the book or an interview with you?

-Are you willing to write a contributed article or blog post for Elsevier Connect or SciTech Connect? They are different Elsevier outlets and have unique benefits.

-Are you on Twitter or Facebook and willing to share posts or retweet to gain additional awareness for your book?

How Will Elsevier Assist?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, reach out to Stephen Fielder, our community manager. He’ll put you in touch with your Elsevier marketing contact who will help create a plan that increases awareness for your book. We have many opportunities to do this, including Elsevier Store promotions, blog posts and articles, social media blasts, and through promotion in our online retailers.

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