Publicity: Making ElsevierConnect Work for You

ElsevierConnect_article3A great way to gain some publicity and showcase your expertise is to find a venue where you can discuss a timely topic and voice an opinion – your own op-ed of sorts. ElsevierConnect is that venue for Elsevier authors, providing a news site for the science, technology, and health communities, coupled with a broad and active social media community.

ElsevierConnect features articles written by experts in various fields as well as Elsevier colleagues, and is a great place to build your reputation as an author and to promote your upcoming or recently published books. With over 25,000 unique visitors and 40,000 unique page views per month, we aim to connect our authors with the vast online readership looking for trusted sources.

ElsevierConnect Snapshot

This quick snapshot from September gives you an idea of how some of your fellow Elsevier authors are taking advantage of this opportunity:

Author1_IbisIn the global health care crisis, pharma is crucial: Even universal health-care coverage is not a solution if people don’t have access to affordable, safe and effective medicines

By Ibis Sánchez-Serrano, September 3, 2013


Author2_ScottFracking — the pros and cons: What’s really going on beneath our feet when we use fracking to extract natural gas from deep underground?

By Scott A. Elias, PhD, September 9, 2013


Author3_EhsanWhat are your rights at airport screenings and checkpoints? A civil liberties lawyer reviews key laws and procedures for US airports – and what to do if your rights are violated

By Ehsan Zaffar, September 11, 2013



The Syrian Electronic Army and the attack of Civilian Systems: A military computer scientist writes about the growing threat of ‘hactivism’

By Paulo Shakarian, PhD, September 25, 2013


These are authors with very different backgrounds and expertise, but they are similar in one way: they view ElsevierConnect as a way to voice an opinion, promote their book, and share their insights with colleagues and others. Some are even repeat ElsevierConnect authors.

How You Can Write for ElsevierConnect

We’ve streamlined the submission process to make it easy for you. Simply suggest a topic and we’ll take it from there. Once your topic is approved, we work directly with you to write and edit the article.

Submissions can include:

  • Opinion on a timely news subject
  • Overview  and insight on an important, up-and-coming topic
  • Industry trends on which you can comment or provide thought leadership

To submit your topic idea, contact your Elsevier editor or Michelle McMahon, Publicity Manager, at

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