Publicity: Write for Elsevier Connect – Elsevier’s “60 Minutes”

1ElsevierConnectElsevier has a popular website called Elsevier Connect – some of you may recall learning about it in our previous article Making ElsevierConnect Work for You. We like to compare it to “60 Minutes,” the American television newsmagazine program, as the articles are written by authors and researchers in science, technology and medicine, and tend to be thought-provoking and written for the broader community rather than specialists on particular topics.

Write for Elsevier Connect

Writing for Elsevier Connect gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise on timely topics, including trends within your field that’s of interest to many, or something related to your new book. You approach the topic as if you are writing an op-ed piece that will reach the broader research community.

Here are several stories that were written by Elsevier authors and editors in 2014 – some are tied to an event (such as an earthquake or high-profile sporting event), others voice an opinion or provide valuable insights on a topic:


I1covern Chile’s earthquake, education was key to low mortality
Understanding how to cope with megaquakes is essential for survival
By John F. Shroder, PhD, author of upcoming book Natural Resources in Afghanistan: Geographic and Geologic Perspectives on Centuries of Conflict and editor of numerous books



2cover8 challenges Brazil is facing in preparing for the World Cup
A security and tourism expert gives tips to making sporting events unforgettable (in a good way)

By Peter Tarlow, PhD, author of forthcoming book, Tourism Security: Strategies for Effectively Managing Travel Risk and Safety



H3coverow to prove your value in information security
With companies slashing budgets, it’s crucial to evolve your methods – and make a convincing business case

By Jack Jones, author of Measuring and Managing Information Risk



4coverSeven ways predictive analytics can improve healthcare
Medical predictive analytics have the potential to revolutionize healthcare around the world

By Linda A. Winters-Miner, PhD, co-author of Practical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning Systems for Medicine



5coverPrince or plebe? Success at all levels of the library hierarchy
Tips – and a webinar – on leveraging your power from The Machiavellian Librarian

By Megan Hodge, contributor to The Machiavellian Librarian



6coverPsychopaths in our midst — what you should know
What does the emerging neuroscience of psychopathy tell us about how we should deal with it?

By Pascal Wallisch, PhD, author of MATLAB for Neuroscientists, 2nd Edition



7coverThe science of fitness – and what motivated us to learn about it
A cycling legend and a doctor share stories of struggle and inspiration — and how science illuminated a path to recovery

By Greg LeMond and Mark Hom, MD, authors of The Science of Fitness



8cover10 ways to feed ourselves after a global agricultural collapse
Various scenarios could disrupt the world’s food supply; here’s how we could survive long-term

By Joshua M. Pearce, PhD, and David C. Denkenberger, PhD, authors of Feeding Everyone No Matter What


Make the Connection

Elsevier Connect has more than 75,000 unique visitors and nearly 100,000 unique page views per month making it a very active news site. In addition, the site’s social communities include more than 240,000 followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Publishing an article here brings a lot of exposure for your book and for you as an expert.

How to Submit an Article Idea

It’s easy! Simply suggest a topic that you think would be of interest and we’ll take it from there. If we think the topic is appropriate for the site, we’ll make an introduction to the Editor-in-Chief. You’ll then work directly with her to refine the topic and do the writing. We’ll stay involved in the editing of the article, and will provide the Editor-in-Chief with all of the materials she needs to include with the article, such as the book cover, your headshot, and a link to purchase the book on the Elsevier Store.

Submissions can include:

– An opinion on a timely news topic
– An overview with insights on a hot topic
– Industry trends on which you can comment or provide thought leadership

To submit your topic idea, contact your Elsevier editor or Michelle McMahon, Publicity Manager.

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