Partnerships: How We Help Users Find Your Books

Almost all of today’s searches for content are done online, leading to an overwhelming number of options. With so many choices, users rely on search engines to find the right content. For this reason, Elsevier works hard to establish partnerships with major academic databases so that our content—and your book—is found everywhere your customers look. The more frequently your book is found, the more likely it will be purchased or referenced.

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Google dominates as a public web search tool for both general and academic searches. Our partnership with Google allows users to discover our content as soon as it becomes available on Elsevier’s ScienceDirect platform. To make sure your book reaches a global audience, we also seek partnerships with local and country specific search engines like China’s Baidu.

Academic/discipline-specific searches also rely heavily on online databases commonly known as A&I (abstracting and indexing) services. We have established partnerships with many of the 400 A&I services, including notable names like Thomson Reuters/ISI and Scopus, allowing us to span multiple disciplines and research areas.

A majority, however, specialize in a single discipline to provide greater subject depth. Examples include ADS for astronomy and physics, Inspec for engineering and computer science, and Reference Universe for major reference works.

Book Selection Process

The selection process varies by A&I service. Most of the discipline-specific A&I services will accept any book that fits within their subject area. Others have a more complex review process. Thomson Reuters/ISI, for example, will only accept scholarly books published after 2005 and each book must pass a rigorous evaluation of timeliness, peer review, full author information, and comprehensive citation references.

How Elsevier Partners with A&I Services

We have dedicated colleagues who work on pursuing and establishing partnerships with web search and A&I services.  We share data such as abstracts, keywords, and reference lists with all partners to increase search returns and chapter discoverability. In some cases, we even provide access to the full book content for A&I indexing.

How You Can Help

We want to make sure your book is included in all relevant A&I services. When it comes to helping users find your book, all information is helpful. Some suggestions include:

  • Recommend platforms or research databases with whom we can partner. Is there a particular database in your subject area that is frequently referenced, cited, or visited by your peers?
  • Continue to work with your editor to:
    • Provide chapter abstracts and keywords, which help classify and identify your book content. Abstracts and keywords feed into all search engines
    • Update your biographic data. Have you won a prestigious award? Do you have a new position? Please let us know as this information feeds out to many A&I services

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