Mendeley: A New and Easy Way to Manage Your Research

1_MendeleyElsevier book authors and the teams at Mendeley share a common vision; both want exposure for scientific research, a platform for collaborating with peers, and a resource for uncovering new discoveries. Mendeley provides on all points, serving as an ideal author resource that facilitates the sharing of knowledge.

2_videoMendeley is a free desktop and web program for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data, and collaborating online. It offers the author community a new way to dramatically enhance the research and writing experience.

To learn more about this new way of collaborating, watch this short video on how this great platform goes beyond basic scientific sharing software and allows users to improve workflow and scientific discovery across six main areas:

1. Reference Management – Instantly create bibliographies

2. Reading & Annotating – Open multiple PDFs, read, take notes, highlight, and annotate directly in the PDF

3. Adding & Organizing – Mendeley will do your organizing for you in your own designated research library

4. Collaborating – Share and create research with groups and make it easy to work with other researchers across multiple disciplines

5. Storing, Syncing & Mobilizing – Access papers on your desktop, iPhone, or iPad

6. Networking & Discovery – Search millions of papers, find new research, and discover new collaborators

All of Mendeley’s innovative features share a common purpose of helping researchers manage their work. Like the Elsevier author community, groups that exist on Mendeley are composed of researchers from all areas of science who are committed to increasing collaborative knowledge and discovery across a broad range of research disciplines.

Mendeley Joins Elsevier
Mendeley officially joined Elsevier in Spring 2013, and since then we’ve made significant progress in offering seamless integration between Mendeley, ScienceDirect, and Scopus. For example, Mendeley improved their ScienceDirect support by allowing their web importer to recognize that a user has the right to access full-text PDFs in ScienceDirect. This means that once a user has been authenticated on, the Mendeley web importer will download the PDFs directly to the user’s Mendeley Library with just a single click.

Mendeley users can also import individual or multiple Scopus documents (subject to entitlements of course) directly to their Mendeley Library. The importer also retrieves all the relevant metadata for the documents you’re viewing, making the whole process of searching and adding those abstracts and citations very smooth and intuitive.

Signing Up for Mendeley is Easy and Free
Put Mendeley to work on your next book idea. Sign up and download Mendeley (for free) to start seeing the world of research in a new and manageable way. Begin by simply finding other experts in your field or identifying potential collaborators for a new book.

Like the scope of scientific research, the connections and discoveries you can uncover with Mendeley are boundless.  To receive updated information on Mendeley, sign up for our blog updates or follow us on Twitter.

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