Facebook: Optimize Your Profile and Professional Reach

Facebook-211X140One Billion Users and Counting

Though most users may see Facebook as a social network that appeals to their personal lives, there are many who have been able to successfully use the tool as an outlet to communicate news regarding both their personal and professional lives. Facebook affords you the opportunity to share updates about your book along with updates about your personal life. We encourage you to strike a balance that appeals to you! For the purpose of this article, we are assuming you already have a Facebook profile. If not, you can sign up here.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll read some tips on promoting your professional accomplishments on Facebook. With more than 1 billion users around the world, Facebook is without question one of the most dominant social networking platforms. In fact, nearly 71% of online adults are also Facebook users.  As of December 2013, 757 million users were active daily on the site.

Sharing Your Work with Friends

Before sharing your work, make sure your About section is complete and up-to-date, and includes your workplace, education, and professional skills.

The best way to share news with your friends is through status updates. As mentioned above, it’s important to have a mix of personal and professional posts.

We suggest the following status updates, when applicable:

  • Link to news or research articles that mention you, your work, or your university/organization.
  • Promote your book’s webpage on the Elsevier Store.
  • Write for SciTech Connect and include a sample chapter in the blog post; share this link with your friends.
  • Share links, videos, photos, and announcements of events or conferences you’ve attended.

Pro tip: Update your profile photo to display the cover of your book!

Sharing Your Work with the Larger Community

If you want to share your work with a community that is larger than your Facebook friends, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Search for Facebook pages that interest you and involve your research topic. Interact with those communities by sharing relevant stories, answering peer questions, or sharing your speaking engagements, etc


Pro tip: If you cannot find an appropriate Facebook page for your research or book topic, you have the option to create one. However, the page will acquire fans and require some upkeep.

  • Share information on Elsevier communities by letting us know if you plan to comment, promote, or ask questions, and we’ll help you reach those audiences!

Another easy way to alert other pages of your activities is to tag pages in your status when appropriate. For example, you could tag Elsevier’s or your university’s Facebook page in a post. They will receive notification that you’ve done so; it just makes it easier for them to share your content.

To tag a page, you must:

  1. Like” that page on Facebook.
  2. In your status box, use the “@“symbol and then type in the page name. Facebook will auto-fill the page.
  3. Once it is posted, the status update will create a direct link to that page, while also showing up in both page and home feeds for fans of all to see.

Stay Tuned!

We will provide additional ideas on how to promote your work on social media platforms in upcoming Author Connect articles.

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