The Latest Release in Elsevier’s Learning Trends Series

elsevier learning trends series

At Elsevier, we understand the important role of key players in the promotion process of your work. Librarians, for example, are an integral part of your success story, helping their patrons uncover the important connection between their initiatives and how your book helps them move the needle on their research.

To that end, our Library Learning Trends series empowers librarians with free digital volumes that support and encourage new learning and development in the Library Sciences. Our newest release, the Fourth Volume in the series, further demonstrates our commitment to innovation, new ideas and the types of critical information that gives librarians the tools they need to acquire content that makes a difference for their patrons.

A Shift in Acquisition Tactics

As the shift to digital library collections continues to soar, librarians need more insights from usage and other data to maximize their digital collection and development practices.

The ePub, Creating and Managing a Digital Library, contains chapter excerpts from our popular Chandos Library Information Sciences books that helps librarians understand the expanding capabilities of the library as a resource and their evolving role as a conduit to new research and initiatives.

Librarians gain FREE access to resources that present topics on the latest innovation and thought leadership, with this Fourth Release in the series focusing on chapters from the following books:

  • Evaluating Demand-Driven Acquisitions by Laura Costello
  • Managing Academic Libraries by Susan Higgins
  • Selecting and Implementing an Integrated Library System by Richard Jost

Sample chapters from this new release in the series include tactics on how to manage digital collections, how to staff the libraries of the future, how to use Altmetrics and research support, and the importance of metadata in eBook discovery, amongst other topics.

Our Commitment to Promotion

Getting your research into the hands of researchers is tantamount to our—and your—success. This ongoing series of FREE resources for librarians educates them on their critical role in acquiring and promoting your work.

As the field of library science continues to grow, we will be there to help further empower the invaluable work you do in the sciences.

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