Elsevier’s eBook Forums: Building Bridges to Your Content

While your book is going through the publishing process, our team is building bridges to discovery.  Through our eBook forums, an outreach program we created for librarians, we educate and learn from these “keepers of content” who now leverage new technologies to remain the critical conduits between your work and their researchers.

Introducing Global eBook Forums

As a global leader in book and journal publishing, Elsevier not only recognizes our role in the dissemination of information, but also the importance of bridging the gap between authors, experts and librarians.

For this reason, we are proud to host a series of eBook forums across the world. These gatherings provide librarians with the opportunity to share experiences, both good and bad. Topics of discussion run the gamut, but recent eBook Forums have touched on content acquisition strategies, how to increase research output, expanding capabilities in analytics and “Big Data.”

eBook Forum Utrecht: Learning in Motion

Our recent eBook Forum in Utrecht is an excellent example of the program.  It brought together librarians from across the Netherlands With presentations targeting key pain points that librarians face. We covered subjects like data analysis in an era of overwhelming amounts of information, managing information, and the emerging applications of Big Data. Read on to learn more about the agenda and topics covered in this example.

Elsevier’s role in this forum was simple. We brought together the very people who are the direct connection between your work and their researchers. The people who know the day-to-day struggles of library patrons and how to solve problems.

A portion of the day was devoted to sharing ideas. What works, what doesn’t and how to bridge gaps in resources. While Elsevier’s team sat back and listened to challenges and successes, we also provided important sessions on topics of note, including presentations on how to monitor the market, identify emerging areas, and pinpoint new and impactful research tools and strategies. In addition, discussions on “quality vs. quantity” and acquisition models were discussed.

ScienceDirect Topics, a new feature on ScienceDirect that enhances research and learning for users at any level was also introduced..

Next, a presentation by Mrs. Desirée ten Dam from the Utrecht University Library highlighted her experience with different book acquisition models and how their library ensures patrons get access to the right content at the right time.

The day ended with a very informative session from Elsevier’s Director of Search & Data Science, Bob Schijvenaars, who gave attendees an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at how his team works in the field of data science, including such timely topics as Big Data, the analysis of large amounts of information, the applications of machine learning, and the discovery of patterns and extraction of information necessary for projects, such as the aforementioned ScienceDirect Topics.

eBook Forums:  Another Path to Discovery

While Elsevier’s eBook Forums are aimed at librarians, our authors are also true beneficiaries of these informal gatherings.  In essence, we think of these Forums as “case studies in motion.” We learn more about how to market your work to their direct needs, about new trends in the marketplace, and tactics on how they disseminate information. This translates to new and innovative marketing tactics that give your research further reach in the global marketplace.

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