The Elsevier Store: New Look, New Functionality, New Possibilities

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If you haven’t already heard, we recently moved to While this may seem like a simple change, the move brings so much more, including new functionality and a seamless user experience to the 15 million* annual visitors who are anxious to find titles just like yours.

This new and enhanced platform helps improve Elsevier’s already strong online search results presence, bringing greater exposure and discoverability to our invaluable authors and their books. In addition, as the mobile space takes a larger share of online search, all 56,000+ book title pages are now fully optimized for mobile devices.

59,000,000 Reasons to Take Advantage of

The power of 59,000,000* annual customer page views gives your book a global reach that includes 24/7 access to customers that are ready to purchase. In addition, our updated site provides the following cutting-edge features:

  • Intuitive search functionality that gets users to the books that best fit their specific search parameters
  • Download once, access all available eBooks formats including Mobi for Kindle and ePub, PDF and VitalSource for mobile devices and Apple and PC desktops
  • Over 41,500 DRM-Free (Digital Rights Management) books and journals available for download
  • Book details pages, key features, and reviews that give visitors all they need to make that all-important purchase
  • Exclusive promotions and campaigns that can only be found at, including free global shipping and 40% print and eBook bundle discounts
  • Opportunities to build future relationships with new customers
  • Protection from piracy and unlicensed usage via our enhanced online fraud system
  • Improved customer experience that further protects visitors from credit card fraud

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*Site traffic numbers based on 2016 data.

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