eBook Forums: Knowledge to “Fill in the Gaps”

Since the launch of Elsevier’s eBook forum program in 2010, we have held many events, with the first half of 2016 highlighting a great lineup of worldwide forums. During this time, we’ve had 17 successful events, including forums in APAC (Asia Pacific) and EMEALA (Europe, Middle East, Africa & Latin America), with another 9 events scheduled to roll out in the second half of the year.

Elsevier’s Gap Analysis Tool: The Key to Understanding Patron Behavior & Planning of Resources

In the digital age, information must be delivered in a timely and preferred manner. Because today’s librarians need impactful data and information to help them meet their goals, our Gap Analysis Tool analyzes the user behavior of patrons, enabling librarians to make more informed purchasing decisions that help them specifically allocate their budgets to meet the unique needs of their users.

In short, we are equipping librarians with the wisdom to meet the evolving needs of their patrons, while working within their unique resource and budget allocations. As such, the theme for this year’s program is:  eBooks: Knowledge to Fill in the Gaps.

Forum Goals

Besides better understanding the needs of our customers, our forums also reinforce the value proposition of our books and the ways that books and journals not only complement one another, but also play a vital role in the research process.

Through these events, we gain invaluable insights on the competition and better understand the varying needs of libraries in different markets in this constantly evolving landscape. This competitive intelligence helps us formulate publishing strategies, fine-tune business models, and improve the ScienceDirect platform.

Apart from having librarians present on key topics, such as eBook implementation strategies and how they use data analytics to allocate their library’s specific resources, we also invite our authors/editors to speak on their experiences, including why they chose Elsevier to publish their books and how ScienceDirect supports  them in their teaching and research work.

Your Participation is Key

If you are interested in attending or participating in our eBook forums as a speaker, please reach out to your acquisitions editors for more information.

Attendee Quotes

“I attended the Hong Kong, Chengdu, and Adelaide eBook forums earlier this year. These are fantastic opportunities for Elsevier, librarians, editors, and key thought leaders to come together and discuss the latest trends and their implications in our industry. We ultimately serve the same set of customers; researchers, teachers, students, and the institutes they are part of. So, it is critical we come together, discuss openly what we are seeing as the key opportunities & issues, and identify ways to  collaborate together. It is vital we are building the best possible reference service to support the speed, selectivity, and serendipity of science & technology information. I was very encouraged by what I saw and learned. Across the region, we see consistent themes around data & insight, interoperability, sustainable business models, and change management. I was warmed to see that many of our customers are very much aligned to our mission and priorities, and many are pushing for even more collaboration to meet our joint goals.

Tommy Doyle, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Research Reference, Science & Technology Division, Elsevier

“What a great vehicle for bringing together those of us involved in developing and publishing scientific and technical content with librarians and the like involved in delivering this content to users.  Getting valuable content to our users in the most efficient and user-friendly manner must be our ultimate aim; and interacting with our customers, facilitated by vehicles like the eBook Forum, helps me and my colleagues design content and the means for its delivery that better meet customer and user needs.  Thanks for a great Forum!”

– Geoffrey Smithers, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Elsevier Reference Module in Food Science, who participated at Australia eBooks Forum

“Great insights on eBooks purchasing strategies!”

– China Librarian

“Learned a lot about Elsevier’s decision and strategy.”

-Elsevier author who spoke at Netherlands eBooks Forum

2016 Elsevier eBooks Forum Hong Kong
2016 Elsevier eBooks Forum China (Chengdu)
2016 Elsevier eBooks Forum China (Chengdu)
2016 Elsevier eBooks Forum Australia and New Zealand (Adelaide)
2016 Elsevier eBooks Forum Australia and New Zealand (Adelaide)
2016 Elsevier eBooks Forum South Asia (New Delhi)
2016 Elsevier eBooks Forum South Asia (New Delhi)




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