Demystifying DRM Technology: Introducing Uninterrupted Access

Don’t limit where and who can access your work

DRM, short for Digital Rights Management, is a hot topic among librarians and authors as we try to define the fine line between protecting and providing access to your valuable work. DRM technology is used by publishers to control the use of digital content and devices after sale. Although the intention is to prevent unauthorized redistribution, this technology can create certain restrictions and device boundaries that can impact research. At Elsevier, providing legal access to your work is our high priority, so we’ve made it easy for librarians to promote your content as a solution to improve research performance. After all, when they find value in your product, they want it to be available to their patrons without unnecessary hurdles…and so do we.

Traditional DRM restricts content and how it’s delivered. In many cases, each platform requires its own format, which in turn only works with certain devices, and some content requires a separate login or access through a specific portal.

In addition, DRM can restrict the number of available downloads or the amount of time content can be accessed; prohibiting archiving and sharing capabilities among colleagues and fellow researchers.

Improve your accessibility with DRM-free content

Currently, offers over 41,500 DRM-free eBooks to academic, corporate and government users; providing unlimited access to licensed content 24/7. Users can download files of whole books that are easily accessible and transferable between devices and operating systems; encouraging uninterrupted research. That means a researcher can access your books on smart phones, eReaders, tablets, laptops and desktop computers and are free to archive and share information with collaborators. Where traditional eBooks ask a user to choose one device format, DRM-free eBooks provide us with access to all available formats including Mobi for Kindle and ePub, PDF and VitalSource for mobile devices and Apple and PC desktops.

DRM free eBooks from come with a personalized digital watermarked protecting you by identifying you as the owner of the copyrighted electronic content you’ve paid for and protecting the publisher by providing means to identify sources of copyrighted material appearing on pirate websites.

It’s All About Your Book’s Reach

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