Over 80 Partners Mean Expanded Reach for Your Title: Here’s What’s New

In the digital publishing realm, there are endless online outlets to promote your book, but it’s not always the volume of outlets that counts. It’s more about finding the best fit for your work; one that produces the right audience and the greatest return on investment.

To help guarantee that your work is available in the right niche markets, we work with the leaders in the industry, providing your title with a global reach that spans 80 partner platforms, including both consumer and institutional markets.

Our partner list includes such industry leaders as Amazon, Google, Apple and a long list of third-party distributors and resellers who specialize in promoting valuable content just like yours.

More Than 80 Platforms to Promote Your Title

New Global Partners in 2016

It’s our job to find the best online partners to promote and sell your book. Our due diligence helps make sure that your title gains the best traction and finds the right audience. In 2016, we added several new partners, including Amigos Library Services, Gist Information Solutions, Kinokuniya, Blackwell LTD, LIX Technologies, Idilo, Vida Global and Zyante Books. Highlights include:

  • Kinokuniya – Kinokuniya Bookstore was founded in 1927 in Tokyo, Japan and began importing English books in 1949. This marked the beginning of the company’s nationwide expansion into the academic institutional market.
  • Blackwell LTD – Trading since 1879, Blackwell of Oxford is the largest academic and specialist bookseller in the UK.
  • Zyante Books – Zyante was started in 2012 to create zyBooks – STEM material native for the web. zyBooks are now used in over 200 colleges and universities to help students in STEM fields.

Channel Partners from 2013-2014

In addition to the newest partners highlighted above, since 2013 we’ve been adding other partners like Kyobo, FlipKart, and uCertify:

  • Kyobo – South Korea’s largest bookstore, and an example of a physical bookstore that has successfully maintained both its online (eBook) and offline traffic. We work with them in both print and electronic book formats.
  • FlipKart – India’s largest online retailer, and the sixth largest e-tailer in the world by valuation. Flipkart’s investments are aimed at strengthening their presence in a market that is set to become one of the world’s largest, and a recent infusion of $1 billion will only strengthen their position.
  • uCertify – With a focus on the academic market, uCertify’s business is to build courseware for universities. They compile relevant content from publishers based on the course, add on layers of interactivity (quizzes, flashcards and other widgets that help learning), and sell the modules to the institutions. This approach has the potential to supplement, or even replace, traditional adoption and textbook purchase models with universities.

Expansion Highlights from our Partners:

  • Currently, Google has 75 global Google Play bookstores.
  • Today, Apple boasts 51 iBookstores across the globe. Notable recent expansions include LATAM, New Zealand, and Japan, and iBookstore Textbooks which launched in Latin America in 2014.
  • Amazon’s most recent expansions have been into India and Brazil.

We Connect the Dots to Your Book’s Success

In the world of eBook publishing, innovative business models and distribution channels are constantly entering the market. We keep a finger on the pulse of the industry to ensure that our marketing strategy evolves to meet the needs of not only our valuable authors, but also an eager audience. Through the right partnerships and distribution channels, we expand your book’s reach to new markets around the world.

Comprehensive eBook Distribution Tracking

With an array of internal tools that help us ensure that your book has been delivered to all major sales channels, we connect the dots to your success.  Our eBooks Tracking Database enables us to track all distributions of your book, further confirming its presence in the right eligible channels. After all, getting your work in the hands of the widest, most engaged audience is what we do best.

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