Author Connect Newsletter – May



Publicity: Put Your Book’s Review to Work

Choice Reviews OnlineSo, you just learned your book got a great review…now what? At Elsevier, our publicity and marketing team has a program in place to leverage all good reviews to your book’s advantage. However, there are several things you, as the author or editor, can do differently than Elsevier, as the publisher. Read five great ways to use the review in your professional network. Learn more…



Intellectual Property: Combatting Digital Piracy

Intellectual PropertyPart of Elsevier’s job as a publisher is to promote the widest possible use of our authors’ books, while ensuring high-quality customer experiences with Elsevier-published content. In these and other ways, we aim to maintain and enhance the reputations and reach of the authors whose works we publish. Elsevier responds to the problem of copyright violations on the Internet through Internet takedown programs, litigation, collaboration, and high-level advocacy. Learn more…



Facebook: Optimize Your Profile and Professional Reach

Facebook-211X140With more than 1 billion users around the world, Facebook is without question one of the most dominant social networking platforms. Though most users may see Facebook as a social network that appeals to their personal lives, there are many who have been able to successfully use the tool as an outlet to communicate news regarding both their personal and professional lives. Read tips on promoting your professional accomplishments on Facebook. Learn more…



Discoverability: Driving Readership of Your Book through Google Books and Google Play

Google PlayConsumers around the world discover your book through Google search. With Google garnering 40% of internet traffic, it is important your book have a presence among relevant search results. Elsevier partners with Google to enhance that discovery and readership through two platforms, Google Books and Google Play. While these two valuable platforms can work hand in hand to help sell and promote your books, they serve two different functions. Learn more…



Publishing: Choosing the Best Format for Your Book

Publishing-265X150We value your decision to publish with Elsevier and know that selecting a publisher for your work can be a difficult choice. Once you decide to publish with us, our editorial department will work hand in hand with you to figure out what type of book is right for your proposal. Elsevier publishes a wide range of content options to suit different subject areas, information types, and customer needs. Learn more…

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