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SciTech Connect is a blog for the science and technology community, featuring contributions from Elsevier’s very own book authors. On the site, you’ll find expertise on a wide range of topics, creating an ideal space for authors to engage and connect with like-minded communities of professionals, students, and researchers.

Why blog? Discoverability!

When the question “Why should I blog?” arises, the answer is discoverability.  Nowadays, consumers are more informed than they’ve ever been about companies, products, and services. If a topic piques their interest, the first thing they do is search online for more information from thought leaders and experts. The difficulty is in finding trustworthy information from verified sources.

SciTech Connect allows readers to discover author content, gain valuable insights, and follow direct links to the Elsevier Store to make purchases. The blog acts as an aggregator of content, and is a perfect complement for marketing to our 300,000+ followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Through this form of marketing, we bring the audience to you, the authors, based on shared interest.

Brett Shavers' Author Post

Author Success Story

Elsevier author Brett Shavers has had great success blogging for SciTech Connect, driving nearly 2,000 page-views of his book on the Elsevier Store, and selling 100 pre-order copies of X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide before the book had even published! He achieved this by simply writing a blog post about digital forensics. Brett mentioned the book in his article, and we provided a promotional discount through our online store. We promoted the book through our social media networks and blogs, and Brett did the same with his social network.

Online communities were very receptive to the book, and activity among social media, blogs, and websites skyrocketed overnight. Brett was surprised at the online traction and popularity that he received, stating that “social media marketing is amazing.” Brett realized that, by spending just a couple hours producing a blog piece, sharing it with his social and blog networks, and using Elsevier’s Syngress social media channels to promote it to a niche-specific community, he became the top seller in August, moving more copies of his book than the next three books on the store combined!

To read more about Brett’s blogging success, read eCommerce: Why Your Book Belongs on the

How You Can Blog for SciTech Connect

Blog posts can be far-ranging – from trending topics that relate to your book – to expressing an opinion on new research or the field in general. Successful bloggers create buzz by showcasing their passion and interest while including relevant media like videos, photos, infographics, biopics, and links that offer additional reading and further ways to connect with their online presence (such as Twitter handles, Facebook pages, blogs, and websites).

For more information on blogging ideas, guidelines, and how to submit an article, read Elsevier’s Author Blog info Guide and FAQ or contact our Community Marketing Manager, Stephen Fiedler.

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