Amazon: How Author Pages Influence Buyers’ Purchasing Decisions

As an author, there are many places online for you to promote your work. The most notable is Amazon, our biggest reseller and the online destination for many people to find your book.

One powerful way to get the most from Amazon is to create your own author page. Amazon author pages allow potential customers to read your biography, see your photo, and learn about any other books you’ve written or contributed to over the years. In essence, your page allows visitors to see your full breadth of work, demonstrating your expertise in the field. If the customer trusts you as an expert, they will be more likely to trust that the book they are purchasing meets their specific needs.

Harlan Carvey, the author of several books for Syngress, our information security brand, has built a strong author page, seen here.

A complete, compelling author page that shows customers you are an expert in your field can lead to higher sales!

Amazon author page

How You Can Help Promote Your Book through Author Pages

Full directions on how to set up your author page on Amazon can be found here, but we’ve included a few helpful, key points to keep in mind.

The most important items* to post are:

– A descriptive biography: A strong biography and thoughtful photo can give a personal touch to an author page that connects the customer in a special way, giving a sense of the author’s personality, along with a place to see all of their books.

  1. Biographies should be a minimum of 25 words, and should be used to tell the reader something interesting about yourself!  The biography should consist of plain text only, with no formatting such as bold or italics, and no HTML or links.

– A head shot/photo of yourself:  Please include photo credit if applicable.

  1. Photos should be JPEG files only, and no larger than 4MB.  The image should be at least 300 pixels tall, and the height and width should be between 60 and 2500 pixels.  The photo should be a color portrait shot of just the author (no friends or pets, please).

– Make sure your bibliography is up to date: Include any books you’ve authored, co-authored or contributed to.

*Derived from Author Central instructions

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