Amazon: 3 Simple Tips for Optimizing Your Amazon Author Page

The average person consults 10.4 media sources before finally making a purchase ( Having an Amazon Author Page is one key source that gives potential buyers the opportunity to learn more about your background, current accomplishments, and additional ways you engage with your audience.

Once you have set up your Amazon Author Page, how do you ensure it is optimized for the best results? Here are three simple tips:

1. Keep your page active by integrating your blog and/or social media accounts
Amazon now offers an option to link your blog and/or social media accounts to your Amazon Author Page. Not only does this improve your discoverability, this ultimately means less work for you!

Linking your blog and/or social media accounts with your Amazon Author Page is a great way to have updates flow directly to your page without the necessity of visiting the page to do so. Whenever you post an update to your blog or social media account, it will automatically post to your Amazon Author Page in the format you see below. For instructions on how to add a feed, click here.


New to Twitter?
Check out this previous Author Connect article to learn how to get started on Twitter – Social Media: Tweet, Tweet – Elsevier Embraces Twitter.

2. Keep updates manageable and professional
Be sure you keep the feed in mind as you post new content to your blog and/or social media accounts so that you only need to post updates in one place – it works particularly well if your social media presence is oriented toward your professional persona. Overly personal feeds can dilute the content message and potentially make it seem less focused to your audience.

3. Keep your photo and bio relevant
Your Amazon Author Page photo and bio cannot be automated to the level of the feeds, therefore it is important that you login into your account every so often to add a current photo and any recent accomplishments to your bio. It can be helpful to add a monthly calendar reminder to visit your Amazon Author Page to ensure it reflects your most recent updates including:

– New publications as they arise

– Title, institution, or career changes

– Recent awards, project experience, professional certifications, or degree achievements

Author Highlight: Chet Hosmer – Twitter & Blog Feed
Chet Hosmer’s Amazon Author Page is an excellent example of integrating both a Twitter and blog feed. This allows Chet’s page to stay current, always reflecting his latest accomplishments and updates in a timely manner. It also presents an additional channel for Chet to entice new followers to his Twitter and blog subscriptions.


Author Highlight: Art Bowker and Stephen Gantz – Twitter Feeds
Elsevier authors, Art Bowker and Stephen Gantz, set great examples of Amazon Author Pages that simply integrate an active Twitter feed. The Twitter feed, with ample information about each of the author’s interests and activities, provides potential buyers with additional content to access around their books’ subject areas. Curating information from other media sources and delivering it to your audience further demonstrates that you are a subject matter expert.

Simply adding a Twitter feed can be particularly helpful for authors who are:

– Just getting started in their publication career

– Has a lighter number of titles on display

– Needs to build rapport with new audiences


New to Amazon Author Pages?
If you are new to Amazon Author Pages and want to learn how to set up an Amazon Author Page, check out this previous Author Connect article Amazon: How Author Pages Influence Buyers’ Purchasing Decisions.

An Amazon Author Page is essentially a personal webpage on Amazon’s platform – it includes a list of all your published books available on Amazon, a short bio, a photo, and can include social media feeds. For any book of yours on Amazon, your name is hyperlinked with this personal webpage, so readers can easily view your background as they learn about your book and weigh information to make that critical purchasing decision.



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