5 New Videos That Provide Time-Saving Tips for Your Research

If your research needs a shot of inspiration, take a 2 minute break and watch a short ScienceDirect video that may help you discover new ways to broaden your research. Whether you need one journal article or an entire book to support your research, there’s a how-to video that can help you get up and running with ScienceDirect in a matter of seconds.

Check out the newest additions to our how-to video collection:

Discover More: Find recommended books and articles, cited articles, and other publications by the same author, as well as set up search alerts to be notified of new books and articles as they get published online.

Deepen your understanding: ScienceDirect offers more than 40 types of content innovations, including interactive data visualizations, multimedia files, and contextual references to help you better understand the research that is being presented by the author(s).

Search according to your needs: Looking for a specific article or an image? Need to drill into the results a bit deeper? Not a problem when using the basic, advanced, or refine search options on ScienceDirect.

Store and share: Learn how to download PDFs and images or export to a reference manager for easy access and sharing at a later time.

Evaluate sources: Use different elements in ScienceDirect such as the references, figures, tables and altmetrics to better understand the relevance of a journal article or book chapter.

Check back to the ScienceDirect YouTube page to stay informed on the latest tips for improving your research workflow.

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