An Inside Look at the 40+ People Behind Your Book

As an Elsevier author, you may only communicate with two or three people within Elsevier, but did you know a full team of 40+ people are dedicated to creating and selling your book? From initial contact with an Acquisitions Editor to marketing and sales of a published product, each book takes a coordinated effort to produce. Here’s an in-depth look at the 40+ people who help publish your book from start to finish, and beyond.


Acquisitions Editor (AE)
From initial concept to after publication, the Acquisitions Editor oversees the publishing team and all decisions made during the project. He or she is the initial contact for the book editor or author and helps to develop the book proposal concept, validate the proposal, and defend the proposal in front of the Editorial Board. The AE then coordinates the book contract and hands off the book development to his or her Editorial Project Manager (EPM). Every AE collaborates with at least 10 people to get to this stage.

The Acquisitions Editor who guides your book from start to finish is still your book’s advocate after publication. He or she routinely collaborates with the EPM on the progress of the manuscript, the cover design, the transition to production, and with our marketing and sales teams to ensure proper communication and distribution for your book is being met.

Editorial Project Manager (EPM)
Just after a book contract is signed, an EPM will be introduced to the new book editor or author. An EPM is a trained book development expert who coordinates with teams within design, operations, contracts, finance, production, marketing, and sales to create a high quality book and ebook. The EPM is your first point of contact regarding queries surrounding citations, permissions, references, formatting, manuscript submission, and more. An EPM collaborates with a minimum of 20 people to bring a book to completion. Once a book is fully written, the EPM hands off the production steps to a dedicated Production Project Manager (PM).

Production Project Manager (PM)
After all book content is finalized, a PM will introduce him or herself to the book editor or author. A PM coordinates all production activities: copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, binding, printing, inventory management, cost reporting, and legal checking. Each of these activities involves coordinating with additional teams of at least 20 people behind the scenes in an effort to create a cohesive final product with minimal errors.

Sales and Marketing
Unless you have interacted with Elsevier staff at a conference, you may not have had much two-way contact with our global marketing and sales teams. In fact, we have dedicated marketing teams for social media, search engine optimization, conference representation, affiliate marketing, marketing customization and lead generation, online campaigns, publicity, ebook forums, author communications, internal platforms, direct channels, retailer management, third party management, library marketing, and agent marketing.

In addition to all of our experienced marketing staff, we sell your book globally in print and electronic formats, and in multiple channels where self-promotion is sometimes limited. We have retail and online accounts throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific that we support with our dedicated sales and marketing efforts.

We hope that you have been pleased with your appointed AE, EPM, and PM advocates, and the wider Elsevier team. Your high-quality contributions help fuel the world’s ongoing science and technology innovations. We look forward to working with you again.

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