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Texty Award

Publicity: So Your Book Won an Award! Now What?

Book awards are a great way to gain more exposure for your book. As of August, 36 Elsevier authors have won a variety of book awards in 2013, with many additional nominations pending.  We have stepped up our awards program this year, and will be nominating more books to a greater variety of award opportunities than ever before. Our real work—the most important part—begins once your book wins an award. Learn more…


Amazon: How Author Pages Influence Buyers’ Purchasing Decisions

Amazon Author PageOne powerful way to get the most from Amazon is to create your own author page. Amazon author pages allow potential customers to read your biography, see your photo, and learn about any other books you’ve written or contributed to over the years. A complete, compelling author page that shows potential customers you are an expert in your field can lead to higher sales. Learn more…


Textbooks: Reaching Out to Audiences Who Will Adopt Your Textbook

Textbooks.elsevier.comAt Elsevier, we have a global reach to higher education institutions, instructors, and students. We use targeted marketing campaigns and a variety of online resources directed at those who will adopt your textbook or recommend your textbook to their colleagues. New campaigns are launching in September, our most popular season for securing adoptions in academic institutions. Additionally, there are a number of suggested activities you can participate in that can help us promote your textbook. Learn more…


ScienceDirect: Changing the Way Libraries and Their Researchers Find, Buy, and Interact With Reference Content

Reference Module

Elsevier’s forthcoming Reference Modules on ScienceDirect combine thousands of related Elsevier reference work articles into one evolutionary source of trustworthy information, now kept current. Articles are continuously reviewed by a renowned Editorial Board, and time-stamped as of the last review or update. This is great news for you as an author or contributor, as it reflects our commitment to leverage rapidly changing technology and understand shifting user and buyer needs. Learn more…


Announcement: Elsevier Welcomes the Authors of Woodhead Publishing and Gulf Publishing into the Family!

Woodhead Publishing LogoIn early August, we announced two exciting acquisitions. Woodhead Publishing Limited, is an award-winning, UK-based publisher known for its high-quality content in the fields of materials science, food science, engineering, energy & environmental technology, textile technology, and biomedicine. In addition we have acquired certain book assets of Gulf Publishing Company. This portfolio includes petroleum-engineering titles in drilling, pipeline, oil & gas, and safety, thus complementing Elsevier’s existing portfolio in these areas. Learn more…

Gulf Publishing Company Logo

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