Author Connect Newsletter – September 2014



LinkedIn: Quick Tips on How to Promote Your Book20140926_Issue7_LinkedIn

In a previous post, we detailed how to register for, setup and create a LinkedIn account and profile. Now that you’ve completed your profile, it’s time to expand your LinkedIn presence and start networking. Use the following quick tips to leverage your LinkedIn profile to give your book additional attention. Learn more…



Publishing: Free Author Workshop Videos to Help Navigate the Publishing Process

20140926_Issue7_PublishingHave you been wondering whether you should write (another) book? Have colleagues and former students asked you about how they might get a book published? Do you think about the opportunities for print and electronic publishing? Elsevier is pleased to provide a new series of free author workshop videos to help new and experienced authors navigate the publishing process. First up in the series and available now are Why Write a Book? and How to Get Published.
Learn more…



ScienceDirect: New Visual Learning Tools Change How Readers Consume Information

AC_20140926_Issue7_Issue7_VirtualMicroscopeScientists have learned that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, with visual signals being processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. The Content Innovation team at Elsevier strives to offer alternative ways to present information that meets the needs of different learning types. One recent example is the Virtual Microscope, a visual learning tool for books and journals. Learn more…



Publishing: How eBooks Are Produced and Distributed

AC_20140926_Issue7_Issue7_ebookWe happily answer questions from Elsevier authors and editors regarding eBooks and have put together a quick reference guide to help you better understand what it takes to produce and distribute books electronically around the world. Learn more…



Channel Partners: Expanding Your Book’s Reach Through New Partnerships

AC_20140926_Issue7_Issue7_channelPartnersAt Elsevier, we’ve built a marketing strategy that includes valuable partnerships with global leaders such as Amazon, Google and Apple. We have successful partnerships with all of the broad-reach third-party distributors and resellers, and our eBooks are distributed to over 70 partner platforms, including both institutional and consumer markets. Since early 2013, we have added several new partners including Kyobo, FlipKart and uCertify. Learn more…

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