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Social Media: Tweet, Tweet – Elsevier Embraces Twitter

socialMediaTwitterWith a total of 1.61 billion people now active on social media, 500 million tweets sent per day, and 230 million active monthly Twitter users, it’s hard to ignore the power of Twitter. Here at Elsevier, we have fully embraced this social platform. Have you? Learn More…

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Amazon: Short-Term Discount Promotions – Extending the Life of Older Content


As a book gets older, it can lose visibility to customers because of newer titles hitting the market.However, we know the content is still valuable to the end-user. As a major publisher, we are able to work with our partners to get these resources back in front of our customers.

One way we do this is with Amazon by participating in one of their short-term discount promotions, which can drive high volumes of unit purchases in a very short period of time. Learn More…



Textbooks: Timely Marketing Increases Classroom Adoption

TextbooksFinalAs a premier Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publisher, our book collections are beneficial for many settings, including the classroom. We have textbooks suitable for undergraduate, graduate, and upper-level courses. Our textbook marketing campaigns aim to reach the appropriate instructors with your book information as soon as possible, giving them time to consider adopting textbooks for their classes. Learn More…



Affiliate Program: Commission Junction – What’s Your Function?AffiliateProgram

At Elsevier, we know that the right partnerships make a world of difference in generating sales of your book. Our newest partner, Commission Junction, a highly-ranked affiliate program, is a great marketing channel you can use to further promote your work. Learn More…



Publishing: Faster Delivery of Time-Sensitive Content

shortformat_resizeAt Elsevier, we’re constantly evolving as a publisher to deliver the world-class content you write in formats your readers need. One tactic we use to better meet the needs of both our authors and our customers is to publish niche and time-sensitive content using a faster production cycle. Learn More…


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