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Reflecting on the IDQ 2013 Conference and Other DQ Resources

By: , Posted on: November 13, 2013

IDQ-conference-2013-Featured-Event-650x250It was an exhilarating past week at the IDQ (Information and Data Quality) Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas—so much so that I would like to share more data quality opportunities and resources.

My pre-conference tutorial on including data quality, governance, and stewardship activities in projects, was one of six tutorials offered on Monday.  I was happy to see the interest and participation from those who attended since I feel this is a very important topic.  The tutorial was based on a Cutter Consortium Executive Report written with co-author, Masha Bykin.  A free download of the report is available here.

Throughout the conference attendees were enthusiastic, passionate and participatory. It was exciting to see how committed people are to their organizations and to this profession. The beauty of a conference like this is the chance to rub shoulders with those who are doing the same things and facing the same challenges.  I always encourage people to build their network of trusted colleagues and this conference was a great place to do just that.

For those not able to attend or who were there but want to continue the discussion, I and a few other speakers will participate in a webinar this Thursday, Nov. 14, in celebration of World Quality Day. It is being hosted by IAIDQ, the webinar is free, and registration can be found here. I will reflect on the recent conference and audience members will be invited to ask questions. I look forward to your participation and discussing the various information quality and data governance topics.

Granite Falls Consulting LogoAnother resource is Granite Falls Consulting’s website. Clicking on the Resource tab takes you to various articles and publications offering my perspective on the same topics, including my book, Executing Data Quality Projects. In this book I show how to address data quality issues using my Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information™ method.  In addition to the usual English hardcopy, Kindle, and Nook versions, a Chinese language version is also available.

Those reading this blog and attendees at the webinar can obtain a 40% discount on this and other Morgan Kaufmann titles by visiting the Elsevier Store, adding a book to your cart and entering discount code “CBA123” at checkout.

Executing Data Quality Projects Cover

The Events tab lists upcoming events in which I will be participating. For instance, I am teaching a 2-day course on my Ten Steps in London, Dec. 5-6, 2013Click here for more information and registration.  Additionally, the site includes many quick references and templates relevant to a greater understanding of data quality management, all of which are useful resources available for download.

It is always a pleasure to discuss information quality and data governance with those that are as excited about the field as myself. Today’s world needs what we have to offer. I welcome the opportunity to connect.

About the Author

Danette McGilvaryDanette McGilvray is President and Principal of Granite Falls Consulting, Inc., a firm that helps organizations increase their success by addressing the information quality and data governance aspect of their business efforts.

She can be reached at or found on LinkedIn.

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  • wonderful- World Quality Day is a great idea

  • In this era of Big Data, with data being the new “natural resource” over which future wars will be fought, it only makes sense for senior data management professionals to band together and help the world understand the value and importance of reliable and trustworthy data . As much as any organization tries to be Data and analytics – driven, without attention being accorded to Quality principles and proper handling of information & governance throughout its lifecycle, it will miss the mark in realizing full potential. Afterall, you need a solid foundation for a stable building. Improving data quality achieves that for the information economy for any commercial or non-profit venture and organization. The confluence of ideas exchanged at recent world class Data Quality conferences at Little Rock, AK would serve as a backdrop to celebrating the World Quality Day on Nov 14, 2013. Industry bodies like IAIDQ are at the forefront of this information revolution and wish you all attend live (or get access to recording replay) and benefit from the pearls of wisdom being shared by industry thought leaders and my long time peers Danette Mcgilvray and Dr Liz Pierce. Happy World Quality Day!

  • Amit Saha

    Loved your tutorial @iaidq2013. Happy World Quality Day!!!

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  • This tutorial about cutter consortium executive is very informative. Well I can say that this article really gives me more ideas about IDQ 2013 Conference and Other DQ Resources. Thanks!
    Criminal Justice Degree

  • Thanks everyone for your positive comments! I hope you’ve been able to take what you learned and make it useful for your organizations. Feel free to share what’s worked for you.

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