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Q&A on the Essentials of Oil and Gas Utilities

By: , Posted on: February 16, 2016

essentials of the oil and gas industry

In the latest Q&A we talk to author Alireza Bahadori about his latest book Essentials of Oil and Gas Utilities.

What motivated you to write this book?

I was working for many years in several oil and gas companies and I noticed we do really need a new book to plan, direct, coordinate and instill safety in all maintenance disciplines, plant utility services and external maintenance contractors in order to assist the oil and gas refineries to achieve the production schedule, maximize efficiency reduce operating costs.

Essentials of Oil and Gas Utilities will help routine maintenance tasks to improve safety, efficiency and quality. In addition it is very useful for development annual maintenance & inspection schedules to ensure plant equipment are safe & fit to operate upon.

Who is the primary audience for your book?

Primary: Maintenance Manager/Director, Industrial Engineer, Plant Engineer, Project Engineer, Gas Refining Engineer, Operations Manager/ Personnel Secondary: Process Engineer/ Personnel

Based on your previous answer to the primary audience of the book, what are the market needs/key challenges this audience faces?

The era of easy oil is nearly over. Oil, gas and petrochemical companies across the globe are looking for timely solutions to help them address the current challenges of operational issues, decline in overall margins and increased emphasis in process safety compliance. Essentials of Oil and Gas Utilities book offers innovative engineering solutions that provide unique answers to these challenges in areas of both downstream, upstream and process safety consulting. This book is, and will continue to be, second to none in understanding all operators and engineer’s needs and being the most worthy source for their oil and gas utilities operational challenges.

This book is very useful by providing practical and cost-effective engineering solutions.

Does your book solve this need/challenge? How?

Every oil and gas refinery or petrochemical plant requires sufficient utilities support in order to maintain a successful operation. A comprehensive utilities complex must exist to distribute feedstocks, discharge waste streams, and remains an integrated part of the refinery’s infrastructure.

Essentials of Oil and Gas Utilities explain these support systems and provides essential information on their essential requirements and process design. This guide includes water treatment plants, condensate recovery plants, high pressure steam boilers, induced draft cooling towers, instrumentation/plant air compressors, and units for a refinery fuel gas and oil systems.  In addition, the book offers recommendations for equipment and flow line protection against temperature fluctuations and the proper preparation and storage of strong and dilute caustic solutions.

Essentials of Oil and Gas Utilities is a go-to resource for engineers and refinery personnel who must consider utility system design parameters and associated processes for the successful operations of their plants.

What unique features do you think make the book stand out in the market?

  • Discusses gaseous and liquid fuel systems used to provide heat for power generation, steam production and process requirements
  • Provides a design guide for compressed air systems used to provide air to the various points of application in sufficient quantity and quality and with adequate pressure for efficient operation of air tools or other pneumatic devices.
  • Explains the water systems utilized in plant operations which include water treatment systems or raw water and plant water system; cooling water circuits for internal combustion engines, reciprocating compressors, inter- cooling and after-cooling facilities; and “Hot Oil” and “Tempered Water” systems

Why did you choose Elsevier to publish this work?

I chose Elsevier because it is the largest global publisher of science, technology, especially in the oil and gas area.  They offer unique, trusted partnership and spreading my books and promoting them worldwide. The acquisition editor Ms. Katie Hammon is very experienced and knowledgeable editor who aims at long term partnerships which extend beyond the first publication.  I am really impressed with her professionalism and performance. Also, Elsevier is set up to provide a fast and easy road to a very wide distribution of my books. Elsevier key value proposition is to offer an open and always-available communication channel to me and they have a successful marketing team. Elsevier is always on top of my list for publication of my books.

Want to read more? You can download the first chapter from Essentials of Oil and Gas Utilities on fuel systems below:

Download (PDF, 853KB)

Save up to 30% on your own copy, enter STC215 at the checkout when you order via the Elsevier store

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