Artificial Wombs and Spider Silk Hearts! Sci-Fi Biotech is Here

Artificial womb to serve as a surrogate mother, a heart made of spider silk protein, a nose “growing”... Read more

New Gene Therapy Gives Hope To People Born With Inherited Eye Disorder

The first successful gene therapy for an inherited form of blindness was recently reviewedby an expert panel of advisers... Read more

The Chemistry of Broccoli

Broccoli, like other green vegetables, gets greener when you start cooking it. Why is this, and why does... Read more

Genetically Modified Chickens Lay Cancer-Fighting Eggs

Researchers from Japan have bred genetically engineered chickens that lay eggs carrying interferon beta, a protein known to fight... Read more

The Man Who Tried to Read All the Books in the World

One man’s quest to create a library of everything, 500 years before Google Books was conceived, foreshadowed the... Read more

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Life Sciences

HIV/AIDS Funding Is an Investment Worth Protecting

Hopefully lawmakers will continue to see that HIV/AIDS funding is an investment worth protecting – and then defend it at… Read more

Materials Science

Modeling Steel and Composite Structures

The main objective of this publication is to describe, with the aid of a series of examples, the methods and… Read more

Life Sciences

New Moroccan Fossils Suggest Humans Lived and Evolved Across Africa 100,000 Years Earlier than We Thought

New research suggest that Homo sapiens spread across the entire African continent more than 100,000 years earlier than previously thought. Read more

Computer Security

Could A Doodle Replace Your Password?

Gesture-based interactions are popular and prevalent on mobile platforms, and are increasingly making their way to touchscreen-equipped laptops and desktops. Read more

Social Sciences

Sustainable Mass Transit

"Sustainable Mass Transit" examines mass transit systems, looking closely at key functions, including operations, maintenance, development, design and retrofitting. Read more

Materials Science

Printing Isn’t Just for Books

We explore the emerging field of biofabrication, where tissues and organs are manufactured directly from raw materials, cells and other… Read more

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Visit the Elsevier Booth at the WEAI Conference in San Diego

Stop by the Elsevier booth at the Western Economic Association International 92nd Conference in San Diego where we’ll be showcasing… Read more

Materials Science

Sustainable Shopping: for Eco-Friendly Jeans, Stop Washing Them So Often

We examine the ecological impact of making denim jeans and explore eco-friendly improvements in both manufacturing and sustainable cotton production. Read more

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