The Science Behind the Flint Water Crisis: Corrosion of Pipes, Erosion of Trust

Flint’s recent water crisis is a stinging reminder that the infrastructure we often take for granted has many... Read more

Five Little-Known Diseases to Watch Out for in 2017

The phrase “emerging disease”, to describe an infectious disease that is new to humans or which is suddenly... Read more

Who is Betsy DeVos?

After President-elect Donald Trump tapped Betsy DeVos to become the head of the United States Department of Education,... Read more

The Challenge Facing Libraries in an Era of Fake News

Imagine, for a moment, the technology of 2017 had existed on Jan. 11, 1964 – the day Luther... Read more

Eye in the Sky: Cutting NASA Earth Observations Would Be a Costly Mistake

Donald Trump’s election is generating much speculation about how his administration may or may not reshape the federal... Read more

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Decriminalise Use of Medical Marijuana and Legalise Small-Scale Cultivation

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The Timesaver Researchers Have Been Looking For: Elsevier Book Series

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