How the Diets of Early Humans Explain our Eating Habits

Much attention is being given to what people ate in the distant past as a guide to what... Read more

Are Video Games the Cause of Violence?

A number of psychological theories and models have been adopted to better understand how and why violent video... Read more

Obsessional Stalking – How Prevalent Is It?

Although no universal definition has been adopted for the term, it can now safely be stated that the... Read more

Warming Seas Will Set Marine Life on the Move, with Some Good News Among the Bad

How will climate change affect life in the oceans? In research to be published in Nature Climate Change*... Read more

Taking Plants Off Planet to See How They Grow in Zero Gravity

Gravity is a constant for all organisms on Earth. It acts on every aspect of our physiology, behavior... Read more

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Physical Security & Emergency Management; Psychology

Alcoholism in Aviation

Alcoholism, like other forms of addiction, is recognised as a medical disease and affects some pilots globally. Here's how professional… Read more


Get Motivated: An Interview with Dr. Bobby Hoffman

An interview with Dr. Bobby Hoffman on motivation and his findings from 20 yearsin human resources management and performance consulting. Read more

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Truth and Empiricism in Chemical Engineering

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