Cheaper Method of Hydrogen Production Could Bring Fuel Cell Future Closer

The method overcomes one of the biggest roadblocks to a hydrogen fuel economy A new, cheaper method of... Read more

How Close Are We to A Real Star Trek-Style Medical Tricorder?

Does science inspire fiction or does it work the other way around? In the case of medical technology,... Read more

Brains or Beauty? People Perceive Attractive Scientists As More Interesting but Less Able, Studies Show

If you think of good science communicators, it’s likely that the names Brian Cox, Alice Roberts or Neil deGrasse Tyson may... Read more

Five Ways Virtual Reality Is Improving Healthcare

Virtual reality is much more than just a new form of entertainment, it is increasingly being used in... Read more

Could A Doodle Replace Your Password?

Nearly 80 percent of Americans own a smartphone, and a growing proportion of them use smartphones for internet access,... Read more

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The ‘Right to Disconnect from Technology’ – The Law that Allows You to Switch Off From Work When at Home

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Neuroprotection in Alzheimer’s Disease

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Does a Person Have to Be Intelligent to Be Creative?

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Becoming an International Humanitarian Aid Worker – A Webinar and Job Search Advice

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When Birds Go Roaming: The Mystery of Avian Irruptions

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Do Twins Read Each Other’s Minds?

When it comes to identical twins, the most controversial and contentious topic of all has to be extrasensory perception or… Read more

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