Why the ‘Free Market’ For Drugs Doesn’t Work and What We Can Do About it

The United States faces a major problem with prescription drug prices. Even as the prices of most goods... Read more

Influenza: The Search for a Universal Vaccine

No one wants to catch the flu, and the best line of defense is the seasonal influenza vaccine.... Read more

Why UPS Drivers Don’t Turn Left and You Probably Shouldn’t Either

It might seem strange, but UPS delivery vans don’t always take the shortest route between stops. The company... Read more

The Science Behind the Flint Water Crisis: Corrosion of Pipes, Erosion of Trust

Flint’s recent water crisis is a stinging reminder that the infrastructure we often take for granted has many... Read more

Five Little-Known Diseases to Watch Out for in 2017

The phrase “emerging disease”, to describe an infectious disease that is new to humans or which is suddenly... Read more

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Superbugs 1, the World 0

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Food Science & Nutrition

The Future of Food? New Biosensor Technologies to Improve Food Sustainability

Emerging innovations in biosensor technology include several opportunities to provide advanced technologies that ensure food quality, safety, authenticity, and traceability. Read more


From Muscles to Motors: 2016 Chemistry Nobel Goes to Creators of the World’s Tiniest Machines

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Taking A Look At The Tollefsbol Lab – Shaping The Way We Understand Epigenetics

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Visit the Elsevier Booth at the Financial Management Association for Conference Specials

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Economics & Finance

Wealth Creators in the Corporate World

This study analyzes the wealth generated by the largest companies in different industrial sectors across the corporate world. Read more

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Why Insights of Nobel Physicists Could Revolutionize 21st-Century Computing

The predictions of Nobel Physicists, Thouless, Haldane and Kosterlitz have the potential to help revolutionize 21st-century computer technology. Read more

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