Top Five Questions Left-Handers Ask, #4: Will Switching Writing Hands Mess Up My Brain

Recently I gave a talk titled The Mystery of Left-Handedness at Lifeworks an organization in Erie, PA that promotes life-long... Read more

How Music Helps Resolve Our Deepest Inner Conflicts

Billions of people enjoy music; many feel that they can’t live without it. Why? It’s a question that... Read more

Polar Bears: Climate Change is a Bigger Threat than Trophy Hunting

A prominent former activist has accused Greenpeace of betraying its original ideas for supporting trophy hunting of polar... Read more

Upcycling: Using the Magic of Composites to Create Environmental and Social Benefits

Caroline Baillie and Randika Jayasinghe’s new edition Green Composites: Natural and waste-based composites for a sustainable future introduces... Read more

What President Trump Means for the Future of Energy and Climate

President…Donald…Trump. For those on both sides of the aisle who vowed “Never Trump!,” that’s going to take some... Read more

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Economics & Finance

Uber’s Didi Deal Dispels Chinese ‘El Dorado’ Myth Once and For All

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Alternative & Renewable Energy

Waves – The Massive and, as yet, Untapped Source of Clean Energy

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Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Missing Link in Epigenetics Could Explain Conundrum of Disease Inheritance

The process by which a mother’s diet during pregnancy can permanently affect her offspring’s attributes, could be strongly influenced by… Read more

Life Sciences

Sea Turtle ‘Hitchhikers’ Could Play an Important Role in Conservation

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Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Anatomy of a Decision: Mapping Early Development

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Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Where Did It All Go Wrong? Scientists Identify ‘Cell of Origin’ in Skin Cancers

Scientists have identified for the first time the ‘cell of origin’ – in other words, the first cell from which… Read more

Life Sciences

How to Stop a Zombie Apocalypse – with Science

Epidemiologists need to answer questions such as how a disease spreads, how fast it is likely to move through a… Read more

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