First Time Authors: Publication!

Once our final proofing was done all we had to do was wait (well that and work out... Read more

Superbugs 1, the World 0

World leaders have committed US$790m to fighting superbugs. These are infectious diseases that don’t respond to treatment using... Read more

Feeling Anxious about that First Date? Here’s How Science Can Help

Does anxiety keep getting in the way of you making connections with the people you’d like to spend... Read more

Three Ways Organic Electronics Is Changing Technology As We Know It

One day, your latest gadget won’t be in your pocket like a phone or even wrapped around your... Read more

Inside the Cybathlon, Where Even Paraplegics Can Feel the Adrenaline Rush of Competitive Sport

The arena vibrates with the enthusiasm of the spectators and the nerves of competitors. The first-ever Cybathlon is... Read more

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Food Science & Nutrition

Chicken Korma, Eton Mess and a Genetic Variant Provide Clues to Our Food Choices

People who carry variants in a particular gene have an increased preference for high fat food, but a decreased preference… Read more

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

USB – Class Drivers

"If you are designing a device with a USB interface, it needs to be associated with a class driver on… Read more

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Superbugs 1, the World 0

While world leaders have recently committed $790m to fighting superbugs, that sum of money falls well short in tackling the… Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

The Future of Food? New Biosensor Technologies to Improve Food Sustainability

Emerging innovations in biosensor technology include several opportunities to provide advanced technologies that ensure food quality, safety, authenticity, and traceability. Read more


From Muscles to Motors: 2016 Chemistry Nobel Goes to Creators of the World’s Tiniest Machines

The machines – including motors, pumps and switches – are all on the scale of molecules. It is hoped that… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Taking A Look At The Tollefsbol Lab – Shaping The Way We Understand Epigenetics

We explore the revolutionary work the Tollefsbol Lab is doing in the field of epigenetics, including the impact on the… Read more

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Economics & Finance

Visit the Elsevier Booth at the Financial Management Association for Conference Specials

If you're attending FMA in Las Vegas, you’ll want to stop by Elsevier’s Booth #208 during exhibit hours for daily… Read more

Economics & Finance

Wealth Creators in the Corporate World

This study analyzes the wealth generated by the largest companies in different industrial sectors across the corporate world. Read more

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