If We Don’t Own Our Genes, What Protects Study Subjects in Genetic Research?

On February 25, the White House hosted a forum on the National Institute of Health’s Precision Medicine Initiative.... Read more

How Other Languages Can Reveal the Secrets to Happiness

The limits of our language are said to define the boundaries of our world. This is because in... Read more

Early-Onset Alzheimer’s: Should You Worry?

You have forgotten where you put your car keys, or you can’t seem to remember the name of... Read more

The Next Wearable Technology Could Be Your Skin

Technology can be awkward. Our pockets are weighed down with ever-larger smartphones that are a pain to pull... Read more

Why Everyone Should Have To Learn Computer Programming

News that numerous cathedrals are offering short courses in Latin is a reminder of the long decline of... Read more

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1-2 Punch for the Amazon Rainforest

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Has the tenure model become outdated? And if so, is it time to eliminate it altogether? Read more


George Koob Receives French Legion of Honor Award

Congratulations to author and Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, George Koob, for receiving the prestigious French Legion… Read more

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