Beyond Einstein’s Brain: The Anatomy of Genius

When Albert Einstein died in 1955, his brain was removed, weighed and measured, preserved in formalin, photographed, and... Read more

The Real Biology of “Star Wars” Midichlorians

The George Lucas Star Wars saga spans multiple generations of characters (and fans), seven movies to date, and... Read more

Food Packaging and Preservation Methods and Techniques

Food preservation methods have been empirically used since the dawn of humankind. Thus, our ancestors used to handle... Read more

Hallucinations Linked to Differences in Brain Structure

People diagnosed with schizophrenia who are prone to hallucinations are likely to have structural differences in a key... Read more

Should I Choose Conventional or Emerging Technologies for Food Waste Recovery?

Today, researchers consider food wastes as a source of valuable compounds such as dietary fibers, flavonoids, polyphenols, glucosinolates,... Read more

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David A. Patterson Announces Retirement from Teaching

David A. Patterson is retiring from UC Berkeley after a distinguished career spanning four decades. Read more

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