‘Snowden,’ a Picture of the Cybersecurity State

With the release of a new film about Edward Snowden, the man who revealed secret documents detailing a... Read more

The Timesaver Researchers Have Been Looking For: Elsevier Book Series

Researchers today are faced with an ever increasing number of academic publications to read. It’s an almost impossible... Read more

Opinion: Gene Signature in Healthy Brains Pinpoints the Origins of Alzheimer’s Disease

A specific gene expression pattern maps out which parts of the brain are most vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease,... Read more

Psychotextiles Could Be Next Big Thing in Fabrics

While most of us feel pain if we’re pricked by a needle, or taste sourness sucking a lemon,... Read more

Plastic Banknotes: New Fingerprint Technique Means Criminals Can’t Avoid Capture

The UK has just introduced plastic banknotes, almost 30 years after they were used for the first time... Read more

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Life Sciences

Theory of Sexual Selection

‘Sexual selection’ is often defined as variation in ‘fitness’ that arises from competition for access to mates or fertilization opportunities. Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

The Many Health Benefits of Berries

The benefits include: the prevention of inflammation, cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancers, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and neurodegeneration. Read more


Saving Lives in the Mining Industry Through Sensor Monitoring and Hazard Prediction

Authors G.M Prasad and S.K. Chula explain the various ways to save lives in the mining industry, most notably through… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Interview with Jack James, Author of The Health of Populations: Beyond Medicine

In this interview, we sit down with Jack James, author of "The Health of Populations: Beyond Medicine" to learn more… Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Get to Know an Acquisitions Editor: Patricia Osborn

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An Introduction to Network Neuroscience

Network Neuroscience covers everything from individual cells all the way to complex network disorders such as depression and autism spectrum… Read more

Economics & Finance

Can Slower Financial Traders Find a Haven in a World of High-Speed Algorithms?

Is the regime of algorithmic traders making the financial world more dangerous? How can market innovation and regulations shape this… Read more

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