Could Early Infant Screening and Intervention Help Prevent Autism?

Among the many available therapies and early interventions for children with autism, only a few are backed up... Read more

How Shrimp Farming Wreaked Havoc on Sri Lanka’s Coasts

We are not far from the ocean here. The air smells of salt and sulphur, of marine life.... Read more

Lessons from Cuba on Eliminating the Transmission of HIV from Mother to Child

Cuba has officially become the first country in the world to eliminate the transmission of HIV and syphilis... Read more

Polar Bears Unlikely to Compensate for Ice Loss in Summer

Polar bears reign over the sea ice surface covering the top of our planet. They evolved from brown... Read more

White Shark Populations Are Growing. Here’s Why That’s Good News

When bald eagle populations rebounded, people rejoiced. When alligators came back from the brink of extinction, most of... Read more

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US permits Arctic drilling, but questions about safety remain

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World Environment Day 2015: Can Biomass Help Save the Planet?

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Moving Forward with Your Career in the Digital Age

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8 Habits of Happy Researchers

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The Impact of Chemicals on Agriculture

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