What Researchers Think About the Peer-review Process

Peer review is the cornerstone of scholarly publishing, but it can be a source of frustration for researchers.... Read more

The ‘Bots And The Bees: Adventures In Biomimetics

Drawing inspiration from animals and plants, biomimetic engineering takes the principles of biological organisms and mimics or adapts... Read more

Watch Out: Turning Wearable Devices into a Public Display

With the imminent arrival of the Apple Watch, There’s Not an App for That authors, Matt Jones and Simon... Read more

How the Brain Feels the Hurt of Heartbreak

Examining the Neurobiological Overlap Between Social and Physical Pain All of us have, at one time or another,... Read more

Predicting the Volcano

We have recently made the first successful prediction of the end of an eruption, but we are not... Read more

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Computer Security; Social Sciences

While You Were Out: Burglar, Laptop, Grief!

I don’t have much time. Using a pry-bar I stole from a hardware store, I’ve jimmied your kitchen... Read more


Computational Neuropsychology, Emergence

A major reason for conducting neural network simulations is to provide missing causal mechanism information regarding how and... Read more


Computational Neuropsychology, Multiple Determinism and Emergence

Multi-determinism refers to the fact that in complex systems, especially neural systems, there is often more than one... Read more


We Love Neuroscience!

Check out these new releases to help kick-start your research in 2015! Neurobiology of Brain Disorders, Edited by... Read more


New Challenge for Quantum Physics

 The Highlights of the Polynomial Formalism At present, the general problem of anharmonic vibrations commands a significant place... Read more

Computer Security

Detecting and Combating Malicious Email

What does it mean when the organization at the heart of the internet falls victim to malicious emails?... Read more

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New Years Hug

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Computer Security

IP Cameras: Surveillance Safety or Security Threat?

As we move into a fully connected digital world, or when we anticipate the threats of physical attacks... Read more

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