The Chemistry of The Euro 2016 Soccer Ball

With the European Championships in full swing in France we thought we’d share this very informative and topical... Read more

National Women in Engineering Day

The 23rd  of June marks National Women in Engineering Day, which was originally set up by the Women’s Engineering... Read more

What Will Happen When the Antibiotics Stop Working?

A golden era of antibiotics shifted the leading causes of death away from infection to cancer and cardiovascular... Read more

Proposed New Element Names

The proposed names for elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 have been announced by IUPAC (International Union of... Read more

Recreating Forests of the Past Isn’t Enough to Fix Our Wildfire Problems

Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night… -William Blake There is general agreement that America’s... Read more

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Social Sciences

50 Specialty Libraries of New York: Third Stop – Municipal Library

Author of 50 Specialty Libraries of New York, Terry Ballard, recounts his visit to the New York Municipal Library. Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Postdisaster Urban Recovery: 20 Years of Recovery of Kobe

The characteristics of the recovery of Kobe from Hanshin Awaji Earthquake include creative recovery (also called reconstruction), city planning measures,… Read more

Materials Science

Just One Word: Plastics

Even though we are in the midst of The Plastics Age, the plastics industry is transforming…and becoming more innovative." Read more

Materials Science

Get to Know an Acquisitions Editor: David Jackson

Get to know David Jackson, our acquisitions editor for materials and material sciences. Read more

Life Sciences

Email and the Workplace

Managing electronic email can lead to information overload and stress, so all users need to be masters of information management… Read more

Social Sciences

From the Club to the Classroom: All that Jazz Is Good for the Kids

Jazz, while sometimes hard on the ears of those unaccustomed to it, can be very beneficial to a child's development. Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Your Solution to Research in Virology

This detailed, comprehensive, fully updated 2nd edition of Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy provides the latest coverage of the gene… Read more

Life Sciences

Good News on Rain Forests: They Bounce Back Strong, Storing More Carbon than Thought

Tropical forests are remarkably resilient. As long as some remnants are left when the forest is cleared, tropical forests can… Read more

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