The Chemistry of Nail Polish – Polymers, Plasticisers and Pigments

Painting your nails with nail polish might not seem like a particularly complex chemical process, but there’s much... Read more

Predicting Movie Taste

There is a fundamental tension between how movie critics conceive of their role and how their reviews are utilized... Read more

Facial Recognition Is Increasingly Common, but How Does It Work?

The Trump administration’s efforts to impose new immigration rules drew attention – and legal fire – for its... Read more

People Don’t Trust Scientific Research When Companies Are Involved

A soda company sponsoring nutrition research. An oil conglomerate helping fund a climate-related research meeting. Does the public... Read more

From Plant to Pill: How Do You Turn a Plant into Medicine?

Researchers in chemistry and biology take compounds through various stages to make sure they are safe and effective... Read more

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Healthy Soil Is the Key to Feeding the World

The key to sustaining highly productive agriculture lies in rebuilding healthy, fertile soil. So how do you ensure that your… Read more

Food Science & Nutrition; Plant & Animal Sciences

A Phytosanitary Solution

Cutting-edge research aims to advance irradiation on the world stage as a means of reducing insect pests present in fresh… Read more

Forensic Sciences

Facial Recognition Is Increasingly Common, but How Does It Work?

As facial recognition becomes more common, we must know how it works to better understand the ethical and legal ramifications… Read more

Life Sciences; Social Sciences

People Don’t Trust Scientific Research When Companies Are Involved

Recent research speaks to how hard it may be for the public to see research as useful when produced with… Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Are Solar and Wind Really Killing Coal, Nuclear and Grid Reliability?

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry in April requested a study to assess the effect of renewable energy policies on... Read more


New Antimicrobial Compounds Offer Hope Against Resistant Infections

In a recent paper in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, we present three new potential antimicrobial agents against which bacteria cannot… Read more

Food Science & Nutrition

Food as Medicine: How What You Eat Shapes the Health of Your Lungs

Recent studies show that unhealthy eating patterns can affect your lungs and that switching to a diet rich in fruit… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry; Food Science & Nutrition

Could Taking Vitamins in Huge Doses Produce a Health Miracle After All?

New finding in a Cell Press paper suggest that high doses of vitamin C can treat cancer, opening up the… Read more

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