Service Science for a Smarter Planet

The good news when you write a book about Service Science, is that you often get the question,... Read more

Stress: The Health Epidemic of the 21st Century

“Stress” has been dubbed the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” by the World Health Organization and is... Read more

Postdisaster Urban Recovery: 20 Years of Recovery of Kobe

A new book by Rajib Shaw, et al, Urban Disasters and Resilience in Asia, is a pioneering reference... Read more

Good News on Rain Forests: They Bounce Back Strong, Storing More Carbon than Thought

When you cut and burn a tropical forest, you’re left with a barren plain of cracked red mud,... Read more

BPS, A Popular Substitute for BPA in Consumer Products, May Not Be Safer

The industrial chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) is an ingredient in dozens of everyday products – baby and water bottles,... Read more

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Service Science for a Smarter Planet

Yvonne de Grandbois discusses the rise of the discipline called "Service Science" in lieu of the IoT and computer age. Read more


Stress: The Health Epidemic of the 21st Century

Between 1983 and 2009, Stress levels increased by 10 to 30 percent among all demographic groups in the USA. Read more

Social Sciences

50 Specialty Libraries of New York: Third Stop – Municipal Library

Author of 50 Specialty Libraries of New York, Terry Ballard, recounts his visit to the New York Municipal Library. Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Postdisaster Urban Recovery: 20 Years of Recovery of Kobe

The characteristics of the recovery of Kobe from Hanshin Awaji Earthquake include creative recovery (also called reconstruction), city planning measures,… Read more

Materials Science

Just One Word: Plastics

Even though we are in the midst of The Plastics Age, the plastics industry is transforming…and becoming more innovative." Read more

Materials Science

Get to Know an Acquisitions Editor: David Jackson

Get to know David Jackson, our acquisitions editor for materials and material sciences. Read more

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Life Sciences

Email and the Workplace

Managing electronic email can lead to information overload and stress, so all users need to be masters of information management… Read more

Social Sciences

From the Club to the Classroom: All that Jazz Is Good for the Kids

Jazz, while sometimes hard on the ears of those unaccustomed to it, can be very beneficial to a child's development. Read more

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