Inside the Cybathlon, Where Even Paraplegics Can Feel the Adrenaline Rush of Competitive Sport

The arena vibrates with the enthusiasm of the spectators and the nerves of competitors. The first-ever Cybathlon is... Read more

Biofuels Turn Out to Be a Climate Mistake – Here’s Why

Oct – Contract Theory Ever since the 1973 oil embargo, U.S. energy policy has sought to replace petroleum-based... Read more

It’s Not Just the ‘Yuck Factor’ That Puts People Off Eating Insects

There’s a lot of hype around edible insects. Insects are being championed as a healthy and sustainable alternative... Read more

How Fast Is Your Chemistry Search?

Separate the wheat from the chaff Being a Chemist in today’s society is a daunting experience. Chemistry accomplishments... Read more

Mediterranean Diet Could Lower the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in the UK

Britons eating a Mediterranean diet could lower their risk of developing heart disease and stroke, according to research... Read more

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Ask an Expert: Heinz Bloch

We sit down with Heinz Bloch, author of Petrochemical Machinery Insights, to discuss his work, research and his book that… Read more

Life Sciences

Taking the Tenterhooks Out of Tendering

This article outlines some of the key considerations to consider when working on bid applications. Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Genetic Diseases

The following is taken from the article Genetic Diseases by O. Shapiro and G. Bratslavsky included in both Brenner's Encyclopedia… Read more


Flashbulb Memories of Dramatic Events Aren’t as Accurate as Believed

We explore the phenomenon known as "flashbulb memories" or autobiographical memories of dramatic events and how their accuracy can alter… Read more


How the Pain of 9/11 Still Stays with a Generation

We explore the impact of "collective trauma" on a generation of Americans who witnessed 9/11 and provide methods for treatment… Read more


Up to 40% of Some Herbal Supplements Are Mislabeled or Contain Adulterants

In research on Ginkgo, Milk Thistle and Rhodiola rosea products, we discovered that 20-40% of the sampled products were mislabeled… Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Range Anxiety? Today’s Electric Cars Can Cover Vast Majority of U.S. Driving Needs

This study claims that nearly 90 percent of vehicles on the road could be replaced by a low-cost electric vehicle… Read more

Physical Security & Emergency Management

Want to Prevent Lone Wolf Terrorism? Promote a ‘Sense of Belonging’

Do we need to examine radicals' “sense of belonging” rather than looking for reasons to detain or expel them because… Read more

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