Could Early Infant Screening and Intervention Help Prevent Autism?

Among the many available therapies and early interventions for children with autism, only a few are backed up... Read more

How Shrimp Farming Wreaked Havoc on Sri Lanka’s Coasts

We are not far from the ocean here. The air smells of salt and sulphur, of marine life.... Read more

Lessons from Cuba on Eliminating the Transmission of HIV from Mother to Child

Cuba has officially become the first country in the world to eliminate the transmission of HIV and syphilis... Read more

Polar Bears Unlikely to Compensate for Ice Loss in Summer

Polar bears reign over the sea ice surface covering the top of our planet. They evolved from brown... Read more

White Shark Populations Are Growing. Here’s Why That’s Good News

When bald eagle populations rebounded, people rejoiced. When alligators came back from the brink of extinction, most of... Read more

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Biomedicine & Biochemistry

A Promising Technology for Multiple Virus Detection

A new method called VirScan allows for testing on more than 1000 strains of viruses in a single, multiplex reaction… Read more

Computer Science

Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP) vs. Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP)

Most embedded designs to incorporate more than one CPU. Colin Walls breaks down Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP) vs. Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP). Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells, heralded as the key to 21st century advances in biomedicine, continue to unlock secrets of biology. Learn exactly… Read more

Chemical Engineering

Mass and Energy Balances in Plant Design

Sean Moran, author of An Applied Guide to Process and Plant Design, discusses mass and energy balances, providing hints on… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

International Society for Stem Cell Research

We are excited to be attending the upcoming International Society for Stem Cell Research conference, booth #B12:10, 24th-27th... Read more

Social Sciences

Library Learning Trends Kickoff at the ALA Annual Conference

A sneak peak at our Library Learning Trends series and presentations from our authors and contributors at the upcoming ALA… Read more

Materials Science

PET Ponderings: Plastics, Poetry and Works of Art

Eric R. Larson, author of Thermoplastic Material Selection: A Practical Guide, blends poetry and plastics, recalling his path through the… Read more

Materials Science

A Note from the Acquisitions Editor of the New Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering

A note from the Acquisitions Editor of the New Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, Ruth Ireland. Read more

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