Radiation Combined with Immune-Stimulating Drugs Could Pack a Powerful Punch Against Cancer Cells

In his final State of the Union address, President Obama tasked Vice President Joe Biden with leading a... Read more

20 Years in the Making, Great Bear Agreement Protects World’s Largest Temperate Rainforest

The landmark deal between 27 First Nations, environmentalists, forest industry, and government preserves 85 percent of old-growth in... Read more

What Counts as ‘Medical Marijuana’ Varies from State to State – and that’s a Problem

On April 17, Pennsylvania became the latest state to pass medical marijuana legislation, which will take effect this... Read more

Does Social Media Help the Goverment-Citizen Relationship? Depends Who You Ask

Depending where you live, maybe you follow your local transportation department on Twitter for construction updates. Or maybe... Read more

Britain Is Sending a Huge Nuclear Waste Consignment to America – Why?

A very unusual exchange is about to take place over the Atlantic. The UK is sending some 700kg... Read more

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Brain, Body and Mind: Understanding Consciousness

A bedside device that measures ‘brain signatures’ could help diagnose patients who have consciousness disorders. Read more

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VIVA 4N6: In Las Vegas, Embattled Forensic Experts Respond to Scandals and Flawed Convictions

What happens when the field of forensics cannot agree upon the validity of bite mark evidence? Scandals, flawed convictions and… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

The Human Adaptive Immune System

The human adaptive immune system is a marvel of nature – a complex and dynamic web of cells, tissues, and… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Mechanical Properties of DNA

The elastic properties of the DNA molecule determine how it supercoils during replication and how it interacts with proteins during… Read more

Social Sciences

Why Is the U.S. Unwilling to Pay for Good Public Transportation?

The U.S. ranks 16th for infrastructure quality. So why are so many Americans still unwilling to pay for improved public… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Chelation Therapy in the Treatment of Metal Intoxications

Authors of Chelation Therapy in the Treatment of Metal Intoxication discuss recent advances in the field, providing a free chapter… Read more

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50 Specialty Libraries of New York: Second Stop – The Kristine Mann Library

Author of 50 Specialty Libraries of New York, Terry Ballard, recounts his visit to the Kristine Mann Library. Read more


What Is Brain Plasticity and Why Is It So Important?

Neuroplasticity – or brain plasticity – is the ability of the brain to modify its connections or re-wire itself, so… Read more

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