The Chemistry of the 4th of July – Fireworks

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Buying and Selling Hacked Passwords: How Does It Work?

Data breaches are a regular part of the cyberthreat landscape. They generate a great deal of media attention,... Read more

The Chemistry of a Soccer Shirt

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How to Eat Your Way to Better Grades

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Why has Microsoft Paid $26 Billion for Business Networking Platform LinkedIn?

Many people will have heard of LinkedIn: the social networking site aimed at professionals looking for a platform... Read more

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The Possible Cause of Flashbacks Discovered

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Plant & Animal Sciences

A ‘Sixth Sense’ for Humidity Helps Insects Stay Out of Climatic Trouble

When it comes to air humidity insects possess a 'sixth sense' or dedicated sensory system that detects changes in water… Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy

The 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

Join Energy and Biofuel Acquisitions Editor, Raquel Zanol at the 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Vienna, June 6th… Read more

Computer Security

It’s the Year 2020… How’s Your Cybersecurity?

Here at the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, we asked them to think about what we could see happening in the… Read more

Social Sciences

Has the Library Outlived Its Usefulness in the Age of the Internet? You’d Be Surprised

The Internet might suggest that the library has outlived its usefulness. But has it? The numbers tell a very different… Read more

Computer Security

Don’t Let Cybercriminals Hide from the FBI

Federal court rules require an electronic search warrant from a judge. But the computer could be anywhere. So which court… Read more

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Could Early Music Training Help Babies Learn Languages?

Music training early in life can have a wide range of benefits, including the ability to easily learn new languages… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

African Scientists Make Headway in Grasping Persistent TB Bacteria

The challenge with these persistent bacteria is that they are very difficult to isolate, making it difficult to study them… Read more

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