The Gifted and the Talented – The Joys and Perils of Training Talent

Identifying and training talent are key ingredients in promoting and ensuring the advancement of all fields that rely... Read more

Communicating Climate Change: Focus on the Framing, Not Just the Facts

Humans are currently in a war against global warming. Or is it a race against global warming? Or... Read more

NASA Looks to the Future in Vision 2050 Workshop

There have been a number of exciting developments in Space Exploration and Planetary Science in recent years, including... Read more

Does a Person Have to Be Intelligent to Be Creative?

The question brings us back to the main problem identified in our previous blog on creativity, namely how... Read more

Do Twins Read Each Other’s Minds?

When it comes to identical twins, the most controversial and contentious topic of all has to be extrasensory... Read more

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Inside the Coal Industry’s Rhetorical Playbook

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High-Tech Agriculture Can Prevent Oncoming Global Water Wars

Forget about oil or gas – you should be worrying about the less discussed but far more concerning fact that… Read more

Life Sciences

Dengue Virus Antibodies May Worsen a Zika Infection

Researchers set out to determine whether having immunity to dengue from an earlier infection could make a Zika infection worse. Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy; Materials Science

Contact Lens Material Could Produce Electric Cars that Recharge in Minutes

Researchers have developed a new material based on soft contact lenses that could make traditional batteries a thing of the… Read more


The Science Behind the Flint Water Crisis: Corrosion of Pipes, Erosion of Trust

The crisis underscores the complexity of providing communities with safe, high-quality potable water. We explore the science behind pipeline corrosion. Read more

Alternative & Renewable Energy; Materials Science

Static Electricity’s Tiny Sparks

Now that we understand at the atomic level what causes electrostatic attraction, we can learn how to harness these tiny… Read more

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Five Little-Known Diseases to Watch Out for in 2017

What new emerging and infectious diseases are on the horizon? These are the ones to watch for in 2017. Read more

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Who is Betsy DeVos?

Much of this conversation has centered around Devos’ controversial past as a supporter, lobbyist and financial donor to causes that… Read more

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