If We Don’t Own Our Genes, What Protects Study Subjects in Genetic Research?

On February 25, the White House hosted a forum on the National Institute of Health’s Precision Medicine Initiative.... Read more

How Other Languages Can Reveal the Secrets to Happiness

The limits of our language are said to define the boundaries of our world. This is because in... Read more

Early-Onset Alzheimer’s: Should You Worry?

You have forgotten where you put your car keys, or you can’t seem to remember the name of... Read more

The Next Wearable Technology Could Be Your Skin

Technology can be awkward. Our pockets are weighed down with ever-larger smartphones that are a pain to pull... Read more

Why Everyone Should Have To Learn Computer Programming

News that numerous cathedrals are offering short courses in Latin is a reminder of the long decline of... Read more

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Biomedicine & Biochemistry

HIV ‘Test and Treat’ Strategy Can Save Lives – But It Needs to Be Easier for Patients to Start Treatment

With so many more people eligible for ART under the new WHO guidelines, finding ways to get people started on… Read more

Biomedicine & Biochemistry

Evolution 2016 Conference

We are thrilled to announce that Elsevier is exhibiting at the Evolution 2016 conference, June 17-21 2016 in Austin, Texas! Read more


Proposed New Element Names

Pending a five month public review by chemists, the names of four heavy elements will be changed, along with their… Read more

Earth & Environmental Science

Recreating Forests of the Past Isn’t Enough to Fix Our Wildfire Problems

Wildfires are bigger, hotter, more savage and more expensive than in the past. But will restoring fire’s former regimes mitigate… Read more

Oil & Gas

Gas and Oil Reliability Engineering

In our latest Author Q&A we asked Eduardo Calixto, about his latest book and the current pain points... Read more


How to Achieve Sustainable Clean Water For Everyone

With deteriorating public water works, we reconsider and re-imagine affordable, adaptable and resilient water systems of the future. Read more

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Graduates are Not Chemical Engineers!

A degree is one thing, but a job and experience in the field is another thing entirely different. Read more


Maths Anxiety Is Creating a Shortage of Young Scientists… Here’s a Solution

New research suggests that girls suffer much more than their male counter parts in terms of 'maths anxiety'. Read more

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