The ‘Bots And The Bees: Adventures In Biomimetics

Drawing inspiration from animals and plants, biomimetic engineering takes the principles of biological organisms and mimics or adapts... Read more

Watch Out: Turning Wearable Devices into a Public Display

With the imminent arrival of the Apple Watch, There’s Not an App for That authors, Matt Jones and Simon... Read more

How the Brain Feels the Hurt of Heartbreak

Examining the Neurobiological Overlap Between Social and Physical Pain All of us have, at one time or another,... Read more

Predicting the Volcano

We have recently made the first successful prediction of the end of an eruption, but we are not... Read more

Health-Conscious Concrete

This post first appeared on The University of Cambridge website. Click here to read the original article or... Read more

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Engineering; Materials Science

Materials and Sustainable Development: How to Teach It? What are the Challenges?

A “sustainable development” is one that contributes in an equitable way to human welfare, does so in a... Read more


Why Does Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Work?

This article originally appeared on Psychology Today. Click here for a link to the original article. Mindful meditation... Read more

Oil & Gas

Shale Gas and Fracking: The Science behind the Controversy

Prof Mike Stephenson, Chief Scientist of the British Geological Survey, held an event at the London Science Media... Read more

Computer Science

There’s Not an App for that: Mobile UX Design For Life

There’s Not an App for That will make your work stand out from the crowd. It walks you... Read more

Materials Science

Visit us at National Plastics Expo for Clarity in your Materials Selection!

NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase is the world’s most important plastics trade show and conference of the year—bringing... Read more

Social Sciences

Communicate to Win: Six Key Skills for Information Managers

Communication counts, particularly for information management professionals. Why? Because they often have to communicate how their programs can... Read more

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Neuroanatomy: Aging of the Brain Gray and White Matter

Regional and Global Shrinkage Age-related declines have been observed in gross anatomical, cellular, molecular, and functional properties of... Read more


Alzheimer’s Disease: Do the “Eyes” Really Have It?

Alzheimer’s is primarily a disease of the brain, although there is a correlation between retinal pathology and Alzheimer’s,... Read more

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