Anti-Bullying Collection

Can research help us prevent bullying? Special article collection for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month – free access... Read more

Is Your Literature Search Connected?

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of research and the continuously advancing world of science, you will encounter unknown... Read more

How Solar Power Can Protect the US Military from Threats to the Electric Grid

As the U.S. military increases its use of drones in surveillance and combat overseas, the danger posed by a threat... Read more

A Cloth To Mop Up Oil And Spin It Away

We all cause accidental spills from time to time and immediately reach for something to clean up the... Read more

Choose Better Passwords with the Help of Science

For years, computer users have been told they should have complicated passwords, including numbers, punctuation marks and other... Read more

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Computer Science; Computer Security

Artificial Intelligence Cyber Attacks Are Coming – But What Does That Mean?

The next major cyberattack could involve artificial intelligence systems. It could even happen soon: At a recent cybersecurity... Read more

Computer Science

What About Embedded Linux?

Many developers are finding that Linux is a viable option for their applications. But this opens up a new issue:… Read more


A Guide to the Brain’s Involvement in Everyday Activities

"Neuroscience Basics" provides a guide to the brains involvement in everyday activities. Read more


Executive Functions in Health and Disease

We explore prefrontal executive functions in this free chapter download from "Executive Functions in Health and Disease". Read more


Teenage Heartbreak Doesn’t Just Hurt, It Can Kill

We explore the role that interpersonal relationships play in teenage suicide in this free chapter download from the book, "Explaining… Read more


Are Monoclonal Antibodies Sufficient to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease? Here’s the Surprise Answer.

So far, none of the monoclonal antibodies (MABs) that target amyloid-beta (Abeta) to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have… Read more

Engineering; Neuroscience

Handbook of Neural Computation

We explore the wide range of applications for neural computation in this free chapter on "Gravitational Search Algorithm with Chaos"… Read more


What Creativity Really Is – and Why Schools Need It

How can teachers nurture creativity in the classroom in an era of rapid technological change, when children are more distracted… Read more

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