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The Next Giant Leap: Making the Cancer Moonshot A Reality

By: , Posted on: October 4, 2016

the next giant leap cancer moonshot

Register here for event – space is limited!

There have been few greater medical challenges than the war against cancer, and the time is ripe to chart a new path forward. With the President’s Cancer Moonshot initiative pushing to accelerate cancer care by 2020, research is now moving at a breakneck pace to make survivorship a reality for more patients and more types of the disease.

In response to this effort and given our commitment to further advances in this area, Elsevier is developing the The Next Giant Leap, a free live event that will bring together the Boston cancer community in a conversation about the current state of cancer research, the roadblocks preventing progress, and how we can better leverage existing research, data, and analytics and informatics tools to help make the Cancer Moonshot a reality.

The event will be held in Boston on November 16th and will be centered on a panel discussion featuring prominent cancer researchers, each of whom approaches cancer research from a different perspective. Together with our expert moderators – Anna Batista, Editor, Trends in Cancer, and Rafael Teixeira, Acquisitions Editor, Cancer Research, Research Reference Content Group – our experts will discuss the current state of their fields, what roadblocks are preventing the acceleration of care, and how we can work across the aisle more effectively to remove these roadblocks by 2020.

The panel discussion will be preceded by a keynote speech by Dr. William Kaelin, Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, and Associate Director, Basic Science, for the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center. Dr. Kaelin’s research into how tumor-suppressor genes lead to cancer and the discovery of the pathway by which cells from humans and most animals sense and adapt to oxygen availability have been instrumental in developing new treatments for the disease, and we are excited to have him share his insights with our audience.

The event will conclude with a free cocktail reception to allow attendees to meet and network with the panelists and members of the local cancer community and research institutions. We encourage you to stay and connect!

Registration for the event is open, but space is filling up quickly. Click here to register your attendance now – we hope to see you in November!

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Biomedicine & Biochemistry

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