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A New Release – The Craft and Science of Coffee, 1st Edition

By: , Posted on: January 17, 2017

the craft and science of coffee

Nespresso is proud to launch The Craft and Science of Coffee, a new resource for industry professionals and coffee lovers.

This book covers everything coffee and is the fruit of 61 leading experts in the coffee community sharing their insights. The new resource traces the coffee plant from its origins in East Africa to its current role as a global beverage that influences millions of lives. The book combines the research and insights of the scientific community and the expertise of the crafts people. Each stage of the coffee from bean to cup is explored with scientific rigour and craft examples to help bring an understanding, appreciation and integration to the full value chain of coffee production.

The Craft and Science of Coffee aims to guide readers through every step of the coffee production process configured in to 20 in-depth chapters. Starting at the farmer, the agricultural practice, the post-harvest processes, the influence on quality and concluding with the consumer and product acceptability measures.

From on-farm processes to consumer perception, the reader is given a deeper appreciation and understanding of coffee’s complexity, and invited to form their own educated opinions on the ever changing situation, including potential solutions to further shape the coffee future in a responsible manner.

Check out the video below to learn more about this forthcoming book on coffee:

Dr. Britta Folmer is Coffee Science Manager at Nestlé Nespresso S.A. In her role she ensures that the science and expertise supporting Nespresso’s coffee quality and development is communicated the scientific and coffee expert community, as well as to consumers. Furthermore, she serves as scientific advisor for various coffee and product launches.  Her way of working always aims at combining the knowledge and knowhow between scientists and crafts people.

britta folmer

During her nine years at Nespresso, Britta has helped to establish the company as one with a solid scientific presence within the coffee community. Before moving to her current role in 2009, Britta served as coffee development and portfolio manager at Nespresso where she was responsible for management of coffee projects. Britta’s activities within the specialty coffee organisations include the SCAE Events Committee. She actively contributed to the creation of the new Sustainability Forum which was launched at the World of Coffee in Dublin.

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