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Minimal Energy: 6 Tips on How to Save Your World

By: , Posted on: August 20, 2014

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Each and every one of us shares one thing, planet earth. We are already seeing the consequences of climate change, the world is warming and it is threatening lives and ecosystems. Sea levels are rising, species are becoming extinct and devastating natural disasters are transpiring. We simply cannot continue as we are, sadly there is no single solution but you can do your bit to help decelerate global warming and climate change. Below are some ways to help beat the struggle of global warming:


1) Turn off electricity you are not using

  • Such a simple solution yet a recent study has suggested that households in the UK alone are wasting 2.2 billion dollars each year by leaving electronic devices such as televisions and computers.

2) Cycle or Walk

  • Burn calories not fuel! Not only will this help save the world but also keep you fit and healthy!

3) Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

  • Recycling and composting alone have avoided 85 million tons of waste to be dumped in 2010, lets prevent even more waste from being dumped!

4) Eat Local Produce

  • In California alone, 70,000 tons of CO2 were produced as a result of importing nuts, fruit and vegetables during 2005. CO2 is the largest contributor of greenhouse gasses, avoid unnecessary emissions and eat fresh local produce.

5) Insulate your home and keep the heat in

  • This will not only keep global warming down but also your energy bills!

6) Plant a tree

  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into clean oxygen, what could be better?


Sustainability Science coverThe fate of the world is in our hands. Without immediate action we are going to see increasing droughts, diseases, tsunamis, hurricanes, pollution and rising sea levels. Act now to help save your world!

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