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Let the Combined Power of Scopus and SciVal Enhance Your Research

By: , Posted on: November 14, 2018

To help meet the demands of your career, you’ve likely used Scopus to search, track, analyze and visualize research. As the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature – scientific journals, books and conference proceedings – Scopus adds immediate value to your research efforts. Whether your field of interest is in medicine, engineering, technology, social sciences, or arts and humanities, Scopus has it covered. With research more global, interdisciplinary and collaborative than ever before, you can rely on Scopus to show you critical research from around the world.

You also may have used SciVal to find collaborators, demonstrate the impact of your research or discover relevant cross-disciplinary areas of interest. Based on Scopus data, SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of more than 10,000 research institutions – and their associated researchers – from 230 nations. In four simple steps, SciVal can also help you discover how you’re performing compared with your peers. It enables you to search for your Scopus profile, find your aspirational peers, select the metrics for comparison, and uncover other researchers, with whom to collaborate.

But have you thought about the power of using Scopus and SciVal together? By integrating both tools into your workflow, you can delve further into distinct topics and trends with a seamless discovery flow. How did it come together?

SciVal’s Topic Prominence Goes Beyond Evaluation and Benchmarking

We developed SciVal’s Topic Prominence using extensive research, user feedback and testing. Unlike other research analytics solutions, which only analyze top-cited articles, SciVal’s Topic Prominence looks at the entire world of research. Advanced algorithms take 95 percent of the articles available in Scopus (post 1996) and group them into approximately 96,000 global, unique research Topics based on three factors: recent citation count, recent Scopus views and the latest CiteScore. Topics consist of a collection of documents with a common intellectual interest, and each article is associated with only one Topic. Many of them are multidisciplinary. Topics will evolve over time, and some will split into new ones, but they will always be available. New papers from Scopus will be added to Topics yearly. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use SciVal’s Topic Prominence.

A Comprehensive and Realistic Research Portfolio Analysis

To optimize your research portfolio, you must be aware of the subjects that bring it the most value. SciVal’s Topic Prominence provides you with a much clearer picture of your overall research performance, as well as optimal areas of future research. Topics are ranked by prominence, indicating fields with the greatest momentum, movement or visibility – not importance. These insights help you see the Topics most likely to be well-funded and therefore with better grant success rates.

Let’s say you’re using Scopus to search for articles pertaining to your area of research. First, you type in a search term via the document search functionality. You immediately see thousands of results, which you can then further tailor by refining your research query with parameters such as open access or subscription, source title, keywords, document type, and language.

Once you find a relevant article that grabs your attention, and read the abstract for further information, you scroll down to see the Topic Prominence related to that article. Now click to find out more about the Topic as it relates to your research. Information opens in a new tab , showing you core publications (the most relevant publications at the core of that Topic), top authors (those most active in that Topic and therefore potential collaborators), and keywords related to that Topic. Want to see more, then you can go to SciVal where you can analyze the Topic in greater detail, relating to you, or your institution. Best of all, Scopus remains open in another browser tab…so you never lose your point of reference in Scopus while using the products together.

Insights To Take Your Research to the Next Level

SciVal’s Topic Prominence assist in you developing your research strategy, providing deeper insight into potential research scenarios. With competition mounting, you need an edge in determining how to progress your research. Beyond identifying information and articles from peer-reviewed literature, you should be able to discover the right results and then analyze these results in greater detail. How will you frame your future research? What subjects are mostly likely to attract funding?  With whom will you collaborate? What are the emerging research trends? The powerful predictive analytics generated by SciVal’s Topic Prominence are exactly what you need to answer these questions.

Watch for our next blog post, where we’ll show how an engineering researcher can use SciVal’s Topic Prominence to expand article insights.





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