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Computer Security

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In Case You Missed It: Top 3 STC Cyber Security Articles of 2015

By: , Posted on: July 10, 2015

In the current threat landscape, no matter how much you try, motivated attackers will eventually find their way into your network, and it is your ability to detect and respond to that intrusion that can be the difference between a small incident and a major disaster. Don’t be caught off guard with these select cybersecurity posts from experts who give you the guidance you need to build confidence and security.

1) Why the Sony Hack Matters      

Kim-Jong-unPaulo Shakarian provides much-needed context around the 2015 Sony Hack. Plus, get a free excerpt from his book, Introduction to Cyber-Warfare: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Be sure that you are sitting with the most comprehensive knowledge that is out there, and don’t be caught under-resourced.

how to defeat malware2) The Top Five Hacker Tools of 2015

Take this as your checklist to ensure that your skills are up-to-date. Dalziel argues that “automated tools and the ability to remain anonymous are making it all too easy to execute cyberattacks. An understanding of how these tools work will help you firm your organization’s security posture.”

3) Detecting and Combating Malicious Email

Malicious-Email-AttachmentsSocial networks, email, and web-based environments are increasingly critical to the ways we operate professionally day-to-day, though they are also some of the highest-risk areas for cybercrime and information security threats. Julie Ryan provides an essential introduction to malicious email via this informative post, including a free excerpt from her book, Detecting and Combating Malicious Email.

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Computer Security

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