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Get to Know an Acquisitions Editor: Fiona Geraghty

By: , Posted on: September 20, 2017

fiona geraghty

Fiona Geraghty

Elsevier Acquisitions Editor

Key Signing Areas: Medical Devices, Biomechanics, Assistive Technology, Cardiovascular Engineering and Cancer Engineering

Do you have prior publishing experience?

I have been working in publishing for9 years; all of them at Elsevier! I have both project management and commissioning experience.

What’s your history with Elsevier?

I started my career working on encyclopaedias, and then moved over to work on engineering books. I’ve been building up the biomedical engineering portfolio for 3 years now, particularly focusing on the areas of medical devices, assistive technology and biomechanics.

What do you enjoy about signing in this area?

I really enjoy working in such a dynamic field; there are exciting new developments and research findings all the time. It’s truly amazing to see how engineers and technology can advance the medical care we all rely on. The authors I work with are all very passionate about their work, and I’m so proud of every single book I publish in this field.

Why should this person sign a book with you?

I am committed to growing the biomedical engineering books list at Elsevier and helping my authors’ books to succeed. I want to have a list of top quality books that are tailored to solving problems the biomedical engineering community faces, and I have been developing books like this for a couple of years now. My favourite part of the job is talking with engineers about their research; and through these conversations, sessions at conferences and keeping up to date with industry developments on social media, I have self-educated on the hot topics and pain points in engineering. I understand how interdisciplinary this field is, and all of the authors I work with are encouraged to shape the book in whatever way will best fill customer needs. At Elsevier we use market research to inform our project decisions, and I am an experienced editor.

Why do you love publishing?

I find the whole process of developing a book very satisfying and worthwhile. I get to meet and speak with interesting people who are doing cutting edge research, and it’s really exciting to agree on a new book idea. Then I get to work with that person for around 18 months, building up a relationship and helping them make their idea a reality. When the book publishes it’s such a great feeling, and to then get positive feedback from customers about how it’s helped them with their work makes me really proud. Most of my authors work with me for a long time, as reviewers, advisors or authors of a new book/edition and I try to meet them in person whenever I can.

Tell us something personal about yourself

I am an avid Game of Thrones fan, am working my way through the West End musicals and I love to read. I am passionate about traveling; my favourite places visited are Egypt and Japan (so far!). I’m generally an animal lover, and in the past have had a gerbil, a mouse and a dog who was a Labrador/Doberman cross.

Contact Info:

Email address –
Twitter handle – @FionaGeraghty2

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