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Get to Know a Publisher: Mara Conner

By: , Posted on: October 3, 2017

mara connerProfessional Info:

Mara Conner, Publisher for Biomedical Engineering

Key Signing Areas: Clinical Engineering, Bioinstrumentation, Physiology Systems & Modelling

About Mara:

Do you have prior publishing experience?

I have spent most of my professional career in publishing, starting as an intern for a weekly Business Journal and doing a two-year stint as a freelance copyeditor and scientific translator (Portuguese – English), while I was completing my Master’s degree in Political Science.

What’s your history with Elsevier?

I started with Elsevier 19 years ago as a Marketing Manager for the Social, Behavioral, and Economics program, under the Academic Press imprint. From there, I moved into the Editorial group, acquiring books, journals, and encyclopedias, and managing programs in Psychology, Audiology, Biomedical Research, and most recently, Neuroscience. Since the beginning of 2017, I have been the Publisher for our growing Biomedical Engineering program, managing a team of four acquisitions editors, and acquiring books in Clinical Engineering.

What do you enjoy about signing in this area?

Biomedical Engineering is a new signing area for me and I am enjoying learning about how technology, especially in the hands of expert biomedical and clinical engineers, can improve biomedical research, clinical practice, and patient safety.

Why should this person sign a book with you?

Whether someone is a first-time author or a seasoned veteran, I can answer any questions about the publishing process and I will work closely with authors throughout each step of the way: “How do I write a great book proposal and what are peer reviewers looking for? How and where will my book be indexed? How many online bookstores will sell my book? How many people will have access to my book on Science Direct? Can I include MATLAB or other software and how will online readers be able to interact with it?”

Why do you love publishing?

I have always enjoyed learning about new science and technology, directly from those people who are passionate about the research they are doing or how the technologies they are developing will improve the quality of human life. Biomedical researchers and engineers are busy people with many conflicting priorities – my job is to help them transfer their valuable knowledge into a format that can reach the widest audience possible, advance their own careers and research, and hopefully translate into more scientific breakthroughs.

Tell something personal about yourself

I enjoy travelling and exploring new cities – I especially love listening to people speak languages I don’t and trying to figure them out. I speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Contact Info:

Email address:

LinkedIn profile:

Mara will be attending BMES 2017 in Phoenix; you can find her at the Elsevier booth #800!

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