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Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis Wins PROSE Award

By: , Posted on: February 2, 2017

fundamentals of brain network analysis

Scholarly publishing’s highest honors were awarded on February 2, 2017, at the 41st Annual PROSE Awards ceremony in Washington, DC.

The book, Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis, by Alex Fornito, Andrew Zalesky and Edward Bullmore was awarded an Honorable Mention in Biomedicine and Neuroscience.

Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to methods for unraveling the extraordinary complexity of neuronal connectivity. From the perspective of graph theory and network science, this book introduces, motivates and explains techniques for modeling brain networks as graphs of nodes connected by edges, and covers a diverse array of measures for quantifying their topological and spatial organization.

We are pleased to offer you a free chapter from the book, An Introduction to Brain Networks, below:

Download (PDF, 23.04MB)

Since 1976, the PROSE Awards have been organized by the PSP Division of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) to bring attention to distinguished books, journals, and electronic content. The awards are judged by an independent, 20-person panel of peer editors, publishers and librarians on how noteworthy and original their contributions are to the professional and scholarly publishing world.

If you would like to read additional chapters from the book, you can do so via ScienceDirect. If you would like to purchase a print or e-copy, visit the Elsevier Store. Apply discount code STC317 at checkout and receive 30% off the list price and free global shipping.

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