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First-Time Elsevier Editors Capture the Experience in a Series of Blog Posts

By: , Posted on: November 23, 2016


The publishing process can be daunting for authors and editors who have never been involved in the development of a book. As much as we try to clearly communicate the steps, it is difficult to convey what it’s truly like from an author’s perspective.

Thanks to two recently published first-time editors, we’ve put together a series of blog posts that will help you gain a better sense of the experience from the frontlines—from developing the proposal, to coordinating contributions, and balancing the book with other commitments.

In addition, the series includes a video interview with the pair that will shed light on what you can expect when you sign on to a book project at Elsevier.

Getting Started: What it is Like to Publish Your First Book
Two first-time editors have an idea for a book—what now?

Coming Up with a Book Idea and Creating a Proposal
Follow Komang Ralebitso-Senior and Caroline Orr as they navigate proposal development and decide on the right publisher.

First Contact with Elsevier and Responding to Reviewers’ Comments
Our editors describe their first interactions with Elsevier and how it felt to get first time feedback from peers on their proposal!

Getting the Contract
Just in time for the holidays, Komang and Caroline officially sign on to the book project—cause for celebration before the work begins!

Waiting for Confirmation from Authors/Contributors and Coping with Suggested Changes
An edited book cannot exist without its contributors. Read along with our editors as they get responses to their invitations, ranging from refusals, to suggested changes, and finally acceptance.

Writing Our First Chapter
In this case, Komang and Caroline chose to contribute a few chapters to the book themselves. Here, they discuss what it was like to build a process and coordinate drafts.

Keeping Up with Contributors
When editing a book, one of the primary concerns is making sure to obtain quality contributions on time. Komang and Caroline discuss navigating deadlines and communication concerns.

The Process of Co-Editing
Collaboration can be a difficult, but rewarding process. See how Komang and Caroline chose to approach the process of jointly editing their book.

Balancing Writing with Other Obligations
Working on a book can be time-consuming, especially when you have other obligations. Find out what advice our editors have to balance the process with life’s other commitments.

Revealing the Book Cover
When it all starts to feel tangible—creating a cover!

Proofing Process
Getting proofs to review means you’re close to the finish line—but not quite there. Komang and Caroline describe the rush…and the challenge.

First Time Authors: Publication!
The moment you’ve been waiting for! After over a year of hard work, the book is out in the world.

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