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First Time Authors: Publication!

By: , Posted on: October 19, 2016

biochar application

Once our final proofing was done all we had to do was wait (well that and work out the American tax system for our royalties (surely a blog for somebody else to write in itself!)).

We received an exciting email from Elsevier asking for a delivery address for our complimentary copies. The email told us that we would only have to wait a couple of weeks for them to be delivered.

We chose to get them delivered to our home addresses as this is not something we wanted going missing in the post room at work! However, this inevitably meant that both of our parcels were delivered while we were out and we had to wait another couple of days!

How exciting it was to see the final copy. All of our hard work had paid off as, in our humble opinion, it looked great! What a lovely thing to be able to share with the people who had supported us along the way—particularly our families outside of academia who recognize this as a real achievement.

All that was left was to put it on our bookshelves and reflect on the process itself. Overall, although a little stressful at times, we would highly recommend this to anybody. The whole team at Elsevier were a fantastic support to us. The questions we had were normally answered before we’d even had time to think of them in the first place and we were reassured to know that we had a reputable publisher behind us the whole time.

Of course, the people we should especially be thanking for support are our friends and family for putting up with us throughout this process. The completion of this project meant that in the short term we could return to coming home at a reasonable hour, and only having one eye on emails at the weekend. That is, of course, until the next things comes along…


About Their New Book

Biochar Application: Essential Soil Microbial Ecology is a definitive resource that outlines the latest research on the interactions of complex microbial populations and their functional, structural, and compositional dynamics and assesses the impacts of biochar on soil and ecosystems, including implications for climate change policy.

biochar applications

You can purchase your very own copy of it on the Elsevier Store. Use discount code “STC215” and save up to 30%!

About the Authors

Dr. Komang Ralebitso-Senior

komangI am an early stage academic with a keen interest in research, and research-led teaching, on how microbial communities are studied and then exploited in different environmental biotechnologies. My senior lectureship with Teesside University in 2006 was my first academic post following postdoctoral fellowships in Singapore and Oxford. I really enjoy working in successful partnerships with different colleagues especially where we do research across disciplines, share ideas and learn from each other. So co-editing a book with Caroline will go down in my memoirs as one of my career highlights.

Dr. Caroline Orr

caroline orrI am a relatively early stage researcher whose area of expertise is in molecular ecology specifically looking at functional microbial communities within the soil. I first joined Teesside University a couple of years ago as my first lectureship position following my PhD and a small amount of postdoc work. When I first joined the University I was keen to establish myself as a researcher not just a member of teaching staff but struggled initially to juggle the two. I was quickly introduced to Komang who was interested in research similar to my own area.

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